Fellow sellers, was I too harsh? Opinions please?

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  1. So I'm saving up for my next dream bag(of course), and I'm doing a little house cleaning to help the fund grow faster. All of my items are small ticket as most will sell for under $100.

    Anyway, I had a really crappy day at work, and I came home to check my auctions and I see I have a question for a pair of jeans that are listed with 1 bid. This was the question:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]can i retract my bid??? i have the wrong size

    That's it, no please, no sorry.
    I check her past purchase(she only had one). It is a pair of jeans from the same company with the EXACT same measurements (different style). So having had the monster day I had this is how I responded:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Really? Because the last pair of jeans you bought on eBay have the exact same measurements. This is why a lot of sellers will not sell to new ebayers. Please don't bid if you have no intention to buy, we sellers really don't like it. Bid retraction is not for buyers remorse. I will cancel your bid.

    I canceled her bid and I blocked her. I am so sick of buyers acting like babies! I spend too much time taking measurements and pics to deal with this!

    Anyway do you think I was too harsh? I'm afraid she is going to get mad and email my bidders telling them that I am shady or something.

  2. It is against ebays policy for other bidders to contact your bidders. I know what you mean though, I had the exact same thing happen to an item I had once up for bid. I think it's up to the discretion of the seller to comply with a bidder's request, but she should have at least been nicer to you or plead her case better. I think your response was ok. Not oozingly sweet, but you werent a complete b*tch either, IMO. Hopefully you'll get a responsible and knowledgeable bidder to win your auction.
  3. oh! now i remember what happened with my auction. the high bidder sent me a request to cancel his bid like 30 mins prior to the end of the auction! i responding saying something along the lines of placing a bid is a binding contract and warned them about failing to pay... yada yada. So then some "bidder" with either 0 or 1 feedback "outbid" the person who wanted to cancel their bid. I suspected they were an accomplice bidder who never intended to pay anyway, so I cancelled that bid (since it's clearly against eBay policy) and held the original high bidder responsible for payment. Well, needless to say, I never got it, had to relist the item, and left them Negative feedback. Luckily I didnt get negative feedback in retailiation!
  4. ^thanks coachsuperfan, I retracted her bid because I figured if she ended up winning she would be trouble:push:.

  5. Ug, thats terrible! There is no accountability! So frustrating:sad:.
  6. Once I had a bidder place a bid several days before the end of the auction, and immediately after placing the bid, emailed me a question about the item and then 11 minutes later retracted their bid with the reason, "Cannot contact seller". How ridiculous is that? How can they determine that they couldn't contact me in 11 minutes?? I was actually in the process of responding to the bidder's question when I got an email that the bid had been retracted. I looked up the person's bid history and saw that they had 10 bid retractions in the last 12 months. Needless to say I reported them to ebay for illegal bid retraction.
  7. Yes, I personally think it reflects on how you really are. I know it can be tough on eBay, but remaining professional really does wonders. You never know if they would be a repeat customer or not. Also, the pair they bought could have very well been for someone else. You don't know the circumstances and what do you get out of it by being rude?
  8. I disagree with you. How was the bidder not nice????? She just asked a question, she wasn't being rude, just to the point. A lot of buyer/sellers don't use please and thank you. While it's nice to hear, that doesn't constitute them as being rude. KWIM.
  9. I would have not cancelled their bid. They have to retract it themselves. "If you need to retract your bid, go to the link here." Otherwise how do you know what their bidding retraction history looks like?

    For the record I am one of those buyers who buys a lot for my sisters and mother and the sizes range anywhere from a 4 to a 16... so a history of what appears on someones feedback does not necessarily reflect personal purchases.
  10. I think you were too harsh. What's the point? She could have retracted her bid anyway.
  11. I didn't think that I was rude necessarily, but perhaps not as friendly as I could have been. I just felt like come on, I posted a really detailed description AND detailed measurements and somehow it took you more than 24 hours to figure it out right after you pay for a pair of jeans in the EXACT same size? The circumstances were just to perfect. I have had a RASH of "new" ebayers in the last few months buy and then either not pay or change their minds once an item is already shipped.

    Normally I go out of my way big time to answer questions and be really really accommodating to buyers (I have 183 100% positive feedback) and I just am at my wit's end with all this irresponsibility!

    I Love ebay and up until the last 9 months or so I never had a bad experience. :cursing:

  12. I'm just answering your question. You asked if I thought you were too harsh. I personally think your response was not needed. Again, who knows if the buyer is keeping the items they purchased, or if it's a gift. Like I said, you never know if they are going to be a repeat customer. Or word of mouth to their friends. There is really nothing gained by being mean. Sometimes if you are frustrated, write down your thoughts on a journal or in Word, somewhere that can be erased after you cool down.:flowers:
  13. So I just sent her this because I was just feeling too guilty!!!! :

    Hi, look, I want to apologize for the message I sent you earlier. I had a terrible day at work and I took it out on you, it was NOT cool and I'm sorry. I've had a lot of deadbeat buyers/bidders in the last few months and I just lost it. Please do know that sellers really don't like it when bidders retract unless a description changed drastically or something like that. I'm sorry that one of your first ebay experiences was with grouchy me, believe me most people on ebay are really nice and I hope I haven't spoiled it for you. Again I apologize. Good luck in the future, best wishes.

    What do you guys think?
  14. ^ I don't think you were too rude in the first place. People should make sure to check sizing BEFORE bidding.
  15. Maybe buyer had too many ebay windows open he bid on the wrong one. Anyway you did the right thing, always easier not to have bids than fix non-payment issues.