Fellow PFer's Sky City-starts 899

  1. Sorry missed the thread in the other forum about this... Hope it gets resolved okay!
  2. i'm so sorry too reovi, i've just got mails from fellow PFers that told me it's a fake. i never realised it because i bought it from a friend long before i joined PF and never really notice the differences. i guess she must not know it's a fake too, because she also only buy authentics, but she's more of an LV girl though. this was her first b-bag and maybe she made a mistake which now falls on me.
    i'm so so sorry girl...
  3. Dude, seahorse, everyone makes mistakes, at least you got to correct yours!!! I know I for one will not hold that against you, no worries!
  4. yes reovi, thanks :crybaby: i was just sooo mad that i never realized this before. i've been through ateliernaff's site soo many times but i still miss some things.
    i'm getting paranoid and checking all my b-bags now :P