Fellow MJ fans, help me decide!

  1. I bought this chalk patent leather tote today at a Barneys outlet (marked down). Loved it in the store but now I'm not sure. I know it's from the spring 06 season but I can't find it on the MJ website...what do you think? Does anyone know what it's called? Do any of you have it? I love the patent quilted leather, the padlock accents and the size (seems to carry a lot without looking huge), but not sure if I like it better than the small bowler (which is what I'm on the hunt for). If y'all vote against it, I'll either have to trek back to the outlet to return it (ugh) or just offload it on ebay (ultra ugh). But I trust and value your opinion! TIA!!!:smile:
    IMG_1331.JPG IMG_1328.JPG
  2. I really like it- depending on how much you paid for it, I'd keep it.
  3. It's cute! I've never seen it before, perhaps it's a Barney's LE bag? MJ always does special colored bags for Barneys, perhaps styles too. I like it just as much as the bowler, I saw keep it, or, if you plan to return it, give the Pfers a heads up so they can place an order for it.

    Barney's Outlets never have any MJ bags near me! You're very lucky for finding one, they usually have good deals on clothes.
  4. I think it's cute and less bulky looking than the bowler. Keep it!
  5. I have never seen this style before, I don't go to Barney's in BH too often. In addition to the color (Chalk) and price, the long tag (with the black string) has style name and number. What does it say? =) May I ask how much it is?
  6. Oh! I think that is cute, and very unique. I've never seen that style before, and the chalk color is really versatile. I'd keep it.
  7. I love it!!
  8. I love it too! I say keep it!!:yes:
  9. I love the bag too! Very unique. You should keep it!
  10. It's very cute! I've never seen it before either. If you got a good deal on it, definitely keep it!
  11. Great shape, great size, great color! Sounds like you got a great deal!
  12. I like the bag, except for the color, but that is because I am afraid of buying white bags.. hehehe... but it is pretty..
  13. Thanks for the advice ladies....I'm glad you all like it, now just have to figure out if I can afford (I almost wrote "need" but it's never about need, is it?! :lol: ) to have that one AND the bowler. Decisions, decisions. I hate having to stick to a budget, boo! If I return, will give you all a heads up :smile: