Fellow LV lovers! Has anyone ever seen ...

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  1. Waltz Dora (see pic) for sale or knows some one who owns one? I was wondering if those were ever made for sale or just as a single runway piece?

    Waltz Dora.jpg
  2. Sorry I don't know. She's a beauty tho. Very similar to the Waltz Macha.
  3. is that the same as a waltz macha bag?? if it is, there's one on let-trade right now for $4000.00 usd. You should check it out!!! Are you coming back to LV Irene?? or just want to complete the Oskar set?? your Oskar is soo gorgeous! I loove it!
  4. I'm 98% sure this was never made- so gorgeous though :drool:
  5. Thank you kindly, gals!:love::kiss:

    I think Macha is handheld (the one on let-trade) and Dora was a shoulder version? No? I am not sure. I know a few members on here own Macha but I was just thinking if Dora was just a prototype/runway model never to be mass-produced.
  6. I think is was runway only. Are we interseted in aquring this lovely LV speciman Irene?
  7. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  8. oohh..I see the difference now btwn the straps! soorry...such a gorgeous bag! i still love it!

  9. ^^^ :shocked: OMG!!!

    I am not really looking but it would have made a really nice shoulder bag.:graucho: Although that Macha on let-trade is SO GORGEOUS too!!!:love: Anyhow, back to reality!:sweatdrop:
  10. Yeah, the waltz are TDF (ur so lucky:drool:) Luv your new pink HAC BTW.
  11. Haven´t seen it no, I guess it never made it to production:crybaby:
  12. Irene, are you coming back from the Orange side?? We miss ya here! The Oskar Dora is so pretty!!
  13. I've never seen one on eBay either... :sad: