Fellow GST owners- a question for you...

  1. Since there are no little 'feet' on the bottom of the bag, has your bag gotten scuffed (etc)? Or do you have some way to avoid this? :confused1:
  2. Only carried mine a few times but no scuffs at all. I'm just very careful about where I sit my bags down. Never on the floor. Usually I'll find a chair, table, etc., or just keep it on my lap.
  3. Mine is still pristine and I'm not super careful since it's caviar. It's also black which makes it even more worry free.
  4. No problems with mine.I do try not to put it on the floor.
  5. i haven't had any problems so far... i've had mine for about five months and i use it all the time. but like everyone else said, i never put mine on the floor. i usually keep it on my lap.