Fellow ebayer asking me about fake bag, but I can't reply!

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  1. Please help! Two people have asked me for the story on this bag: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220141623869&ssPageName=MERC_VIC_RCRX_Pr3_PcY_BIN_IT&refitem=220139249251&itemcount=3&refwidgetloc=closed_view_item&usedrule1=CrossSell_LogicX&refwidgettype=cross_promot_widget

    This bag is a definite fake, and the full story is here: http://forum.purseblog.com/showthread.php?t=170994

    However, that's not the point, i'm more than happy to send messages back explaining why I know this bag is fake, but eBay won't let me reply! It keeps asking me to verify, which is fair enough, but the problem is I don't have a credit card and i'm getting urgent about this. I really don't want either of them to buy a fake bag, nor do I want them to think i'm ignoring them!

    I don't really know what to do, should I get lots of people to just report this bag and bring it down or should I ask someone else to reply for me?
  2. I reported it a couple of different ways. Might need a few other people to report it too. eBay hasn't pulled any listings I've reported lately.
  3. done , did report it.
  4. Oh my God what the hell happened? Did someone buy it?! Her username is 'ihatefakes'... well for someone who hates fakes... oh my..

    Thank you so much, all of you for reporting though!
  5. The seller never claimed in her auction that the bag was authentic although it was subtly implied. Very misleading but I always make sure the seller states clearly on her auction that its authentic before considering.
  6. It probably won't let you message them more than like once because they are strict on "no sale outside of the auction" or something and they think you are trying to get them to purxhase something etc.

    I've had that happen to me too.
  7. That's not true... it says in the auction:

    Up for grabs this gorgeous 100% authentic Chloe Paddington Tote (Large).

  8. Oh my bad. I actually missed that. Then its definitely misrepresentation and fraud.
    Look at the way she answered the authenticity question posed to her. Definitely evasive.
  9. It's ok, I miss so much crap when I read things it's ridiculous... it interferes in exams horribly too!

    Woaah... that buyer gave it a pretty bad negative:

    "Bag is a FAKE!!! BEWARE!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!"

    She's my hero right now. I want to hug her... sort of. Virtually hug lol.
  10. I agree with you, kuruma! We have a Batgirl Handbag Guardian aka ihatefakehandbags! How cool is that......she's my hero!
  11. Whoever that is, they are asking for serious trouble if they want any of their OTHER eBay IDs to remain safe.
    While I applaud the sentiment of being the winning bidder on these fakes and then leaving horrible FB, you can't fight a wrong with another wrong--and what that person is doing *is* against eBay's rules. It's not as bad as defrauding people out of their money, but eBay sees it the same way.

    If you shoot a drug dealer dead in the street because you're a concerned citizen, it's still murder.
  12. She's been doing it off & on for a while. She does it purposely in hopes of waking some people up.
  13. that is so awesome
  14. Those of us who sell can only report the fakes. People that just like watching ebay aren't afraid of taking a suspension.
  15. Good for her! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: