Fellow Canadians! Roots 25% off Storewide until Sunday Apr 29

  1. Hi guys!

    I was at the mall and I saw that Roots had a sign up saying everything is 25% off - even on sale items! This is for online and in store

    I went in to have a look and I got myself 2 bags hahaha (since their bags never go onsale!) :yahoo:

    When I went there their most popular styles the Village bags, most of them are gone already - I managed to find these 2 pieces that I really liked

    I got a Village Pack in Prato Green $88 orig - sale $66 - I am not a big fan of green though - I might contemplate in exchanging it in a brown or a blue.
    I got an Annie Tote in Ocean Blue $208 orig - sale $156

    Probably because I am Canadian I get too excited when I see Roots go on sale - but you really have to feel the leather to see where we are coming from hahaa..

    Did anyone else nabbed anything nice?

    BTW - I just checked online - the sales are on for their US website too! If you like Roots, go check it out!

    villagepack.jpg annietote.jpg
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered the Editor's messenger style bag for school/work. I'm heading to a couple of conferences this month and don't have a decent looking bag! But ouch, still feels pricy for a student, even after 25 % off. It's just sticker shock, though, because I know how well Roots bags are priced for the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship.