Fellow Brazilian Waxers please help!!

  1. So after literally months and months of going back and forth on whether or not I had the courage to do the "Brazilian thing" I went to my salon/spa and HOLY F'ING CRAP it hurt like hell!!!! I had to down a huge glass of white wine afterwards (my spa has their liquor license too:graucho:) Afterwards, I felt SO bruised, god I must love my BF........anyways, it has been four days and on one area it is kind of peely and borderline scraped looking (OW!!) What are you supposed to do other than use baby powder to keep the irritation level down?? Should I also be exfoliating and moisturizing after getting out of the shower or will that make the area break out?

    tPF'ers always come to the rescue so hopefully someone here will have had the same problem. TIA!
  2. I've done it a few times. It does really hurt! I would stay away from exfoliating and moisturizing for now as you don't want to irritate the area more.

    In the past I have used my DH's products (after shave balms) he applies after shaving. He's really prone to ingrown hair and shaving irritation. Aveda and Clinique make products (geared toward men though so no the most feminine smell) that have worked for me. He just bought a new one from Anthony Logistics that recommends it for women too. I also think Bliss makes something that come as pads (kind of like the old oxyclean things). Plain aloe would also be a good choice. Just stay away from anything to harsh (with a lot of alcohol).

    Next time try taking 2 advil about an hour before.
  3. Oh girl I feel your pain.
    My skin is so sensitive that twice they have ripped off some of my skin!!!
    I just leave it alone to heal or put on aloe vera gel.
    And they all lie, it never gets better. I've been waxing for 12+ yrs, it always grows back and always hurts.
  4. Have you tried Tend Skin? You are supposed to use it right after waxing. I would also try baby oil. I am too chicken to wax my privates. I don't have the patience to grow out my hair either. I also couldn't deal with the regrowth phase. I guess that's why I shaved instead.
  5. ^^^ ITA on Tend Skin, my spa sold me some the first time i got it done and it's a wonderful exfoliator and keeps the ingrowns and itchies away quite well. i also use it on the rough skin on my upper arms, lol.

    don't put anything super super moisturizing on it until a day or two after the wax because all your pores and hair follicles will be wide open and you don't want to clog them. also, don't take a bath or go in a pool until 24 hours afterwards, you could get folliculitis. stick to showers.
  6. Yep, get a bottle of TendSkin and you're golden :smile:
  7. You may just have really sensitive skin but it's been my experience that skin pulled off or scrapped down there is because the waxer doesn't know what she's doing. I used to go to this one lady and got the skin pulled/scrapped thing all the time. I thought it was normal. Then I went to a new lady and I NEVER got that. The new lady went out of town so I had to someone else and low and behold I got the irritation again. Which made be believe it was the person, her technique or something.

    So maybe try someone new the next time just to see. But yes the tend skin should work (I don't even have to use anymore with the new lady!)
  8. Oh gosh, I have my very first Brazilian wax this coming Friday. Now I'm completely terrified. :sweatdrop:
  9. I found that the spas don't always have the best waxers:nogood:
  10. Go and get some ORIGINAL FORMULA DESITEN...the stuff you use for diaper rash. I swear to god it will heal it in a few days....its soothing too. Really it works!!!! But you have to get the ORIGINAL and not the creamy. The creamy will burn like H*LL!!!!!
  11. ACK!!! This thread scares me:sad:...my friend is a esthetician (SP?) and she waxes her own hoo-hoo....i stick to shaving and even that irritates my skin I am really sensitive "down there" i cant even wear lace undies:crybaby:
  12. Absolutely agree - the skin needs to be pulled really taut and the wax needs to come off swiftly and in one go. Also, try not to go the week before you get your period - your pain threshold is a lot lower at this time. Another good tip is to go again when the hair grows back to about 1cm - hurts less and the regrowth itches a LOT less!

    As the others have said, I wouldn't moisturise or exfoliate either... it tends to make that area a bit sticky and rashy UGH!

    Don't worry, it gets easier (sorry duranie!)! Apart from the strip at the very front, brazilians don't hurt me at all anymore! Waxing my legs hurts 100 times more for some reason LOL!
  13. tee hee hee "hoo hoo"... that just cracks me up :roflmfao:

    All the shavers - isn't the regrowth horribly itchy? And aren't you worried about having a razor so close to your bits and pieces?:sad: Although I suppose hot wax isn't exactly ideal either :rolleyes:
  14. Is there some kind of cream I can buy at the store to wipe them off(hair)? Thanks.
  15. BTBF, you can try something like Nair or Veet. Now Veet even comes with a razorless razor. I tried it once on my underarms but I left it on too long and burned my skin.

    Like I said, I am a shaver. I exfoliate and shave every day whether I need to or not. I cannot do the required grow-out of hair long enough to get waxed. I have really been thinking about laser hair removal but I think your hair has to be a certain length to get it done.