Fellow Americans - Any exciting plans for July 4th?

  1. We never stray far from home on the holidays. Its amateur hour out there on the highway! Anyone doing anything special at home or away? I'm going to water my plants now...BRB.
  2. I'm heading down to the boyfriend's shore house for six days! I'm so excited to just relax on the beach for a few days.
  3. Our street has a block party - we block off the street and have a parade, bbq, baseball, volleyball, watermelon eating contest, line dancing, marguerita machines, dinner in the street, dessert, etc., and fireworks at dark! It's great!
  4. BBQ with friends and fireworks show at the park on the lake!!

    I live about 1000' outside my city's limits so the fireworks ban doesn't apply in my neighborhood and it sounds like a freakin' war zone. Talk about amateur hour - yikes! So, off to my friend's house!
  5. I'll be working. Holidays can be a busy time on the transplant unit, unfortunately. Lots of potential donors out there acting crazy you know.
  6. My boyfriend & I will be going to our local parade, having a BBQ then we're going to head to the river to watch the firework show.
  7. Hopefully I'll be in the air. Houston => Newark (:tdown:) => Brussels (:tup:)
  8. Going home for a few days!!!!! Yay!!!!! It's my sister's birthday, so FDH and I are heading home and having a BBQ, then heading to one of the biggest fireworks displays in the USA.....:yahoo:
  9. A block party sounds awesome!!! How fun that you and your neighbors are so close!:tup:
  10. Things get very strange here in Long Beach. We live about 3 blocks from the beach, in a small historical district which was developed in 1900. The streets are narrow and windy. Tons of people park here to go to the fireworks at the Queen Mary, but when that lets out our area is a parking lot for about 3 hours. See, people are trying to get out, but there is only room for one car if there are cars on each side parked. So, the residents have to go out and try to keep everything mellow, cause in order for people to get out, there has to be a great deal of cooperation, which as we all know is lacking in our society. Tempers flare, it gets thorny. But I can see the Queen Mary show from my roof!
  11. SO's best friend wanted a 4th of July party, but he isn't exactly the host type, so SO and I are working with him to put one on! The usual, grilling! + Margarita machine, pool, good stuff
  12. We're spending the day w/ our 2 best friends and their families at the beach. One of them has a private beach area on Lido beach. Then at nite we are coming home to hang w/ our next door neighbors who always bring our kids tons of gigantic sparklers from their vacation to N. Carolina. It's sooo cute.
  13. This sounds so cool!!! I wish we could do that! :yes: No exciting plans for us, probably just have dinner at our deck and watch the far away fireworks! :girlsigh:
  14. I think my family & I are gonna go shopping @ Cabazon! and then head to Morongo for an hour or so.. I'm so excited, I can't wait!! :yahoo:
  15. I'm going to Lincoln Center to see the American Ballet Theater perform "Cinderella"!