Fell out of love...

  1. with my graffiti pochette. I'm not sure why, but I just don't like using it. I have been wanting one for about a year now & now that I have it I find that I am forcing myself to use it because I spent so much money on it. :cry: What should I do now? Try & sell it on ebay? Will the fees kill me?
  2. Maybe you can try selling it on the marketplace here? I'm sorry about your falling out of love with it..I just bought a peach one and it's my favorite bag of the moment :smile:
  3. i have never LOVED the grafitti line i think it was new and fresh perpective on lv but it was so overdone with fakes i was compleatly turned off it, if it were toned down a bit i.e. half graffitti i think i would have liked it more thats my 2cents
  4. Yeah, you know, I actually think it's better now? I didn't like it when it came out (especially the khaki) but now a couple years later, I love it! It's kind of funny...I love being the only one with the bag, whereas everyone else has their monogram canvas and multicolore styles. I have those too but I love my new peach pochette.:love:
  5. yhassan - i'm so sorry to hear that you're not enjoying your pochette anymore! ***hugs*** if you're really struggling to use it - i say, give it a new home! and then you'll be able to spend the money on a new LV piece you totally LOVE!!!!
    good luck with what you decide!
  6. I meant to ask, which color is it?
  7. babydoll what lv dont u have u seem like you e=have everything they bring out!!! do u keep them all in a lv trunk 2? yeah thats what i mena with the graffitti all you can see is the writing and the monogram just looks like brown
  8. I love it too! :love:
  9. Lvbabydoll, I love your peach pochette! That's probably the only colour I like in the graffiti range.

    Yhassan, I agree with Helen. If you're not into it anymore, sell it and buy something else with the funds:smile: Even with eBay n Paypal fees, at least you get something back for it rather than have it sit in a dustbag everyday, not being loved nor used.
  10. Lol. I try to get at least a little something from each collection,but I get a piece that I really love and know I'll use. I actually don't have any pieces that I *don't* use so I can say that my money is well spent. I don't have anything in the Suhali yet though..that'll be one for me someday (black Le Fab.)
    But nope, no trunks. I love them but they're really pricey and I don't actually know what I'd do with one..I wouldn't just want it to sit around but I'd be too afraid to use it..I guess that's why I admire the luggage but never actually buy any. I have a keepall but that's about as far as I'll go with the luggage thing.
  11. I Love My Pieces....Just Really Haven't Used Them In A While (Silver Pochette & White Speedy).

    I Agree ~ The Graffitti Was So Copied!!!

    The Peach Pochette Is Very Cute!!!
  12. If you don't love it, sell it. I am a huge graffiti fan, my silver speedy is one bag I will never sell. In fact, I love graffiti so much, I just "upgraded" mine - lol. On impulse, I bought a mint silver pochette to use with my speedy but when I got it, it seemed too big to use in the speedy. So rather than keep yet another bag in dustbag prison, I put it on ebay.......

    But - with all that said, the peach is much more rare so you might want to hold on to it for a while and see if you change your mind (I know, I'm a lot of help)
  13. I love my graffiti speedy and I wouldn't sell your pochette as peach was quite hard colour to locate:yes: It was also one of first collaboration ranges that Mr Jacobs did plus I don't really have an issue with fakers:P
  14. Mine is the silver! I loved it at first but I just don't think I do anymore. I wasn't a huge fan of LV for a long time, mainly bc of monogram, so maybe I just feel weird wearing it? I dunno but I am really sad bc I am tryng to love it!
  15. IMO, if you don't love it and you have other things that you want then definitely try and sell it on Ebay.

    Why tie up purse funds in something that you are not using ? And if it turns up that you want it again, I am sure you will always be able to find one.

    I have been wanting a graffiti pochette forever, but there is always another bag that I want more. Someday I will get it, but just not right now. But I always check out ebay and there is always one or two in good condition for sale.

    Good Luck with whatever you decide!