Fell off the purse ban big time!!

Jun 5, 2006
Long time no post everyone!!!
I had put myself on a major purse ban after the summer because I did go overboard with plenty of new bags. Well, being that saks had such an awesome sale, I just had to buy. I bought a new spy bag and I picked up my miror pochette yesterday....so cute. I put my name down for a silver one initially, but after seeing the gold in person I decided that I would go with the gold...very cute for an evening bag. Also, I had my name down through 866 vuitton for the silver speedy way back in June and I called and was told that I wouldn't get one...that's it..no more. I mentioned this to my great SA at vuitton in Macy's and she said that she would get a silver one for me..not a problem..so persistence is key ladies!!! I will post pics this evening.