Fell in Love with this Kate Spade....

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  1. Does anyone here have it? It's the new canaan stevie, and it's just gorgeous! I've only found it at Nordrstom so far...

    It's a tobacco colored pebbled leather with a zipper top.

    Would love your opinions...anyone have it? :p
    katespade1.jpg katespade2.jpg
  2. i don't have any kate spade but this one looks yummy :yes:
  3. I've got something similiar but it's in black nylon, it has the ties at the ends like this one. I like it a lot but I can't really do shoulder bags and the nylon has already started to pucker in places. The stitching has also come loose on the leather clasp that holds the handles together.
  4. Oh, no! How old is the bag? Will they take it back for you to send it in for repair?

    I just really love the way they've done this pebbled leather, and the dark brown is my favorite. The bag also comes in black and red...
  5. It's not bad.
  6. Like the pebbled leather, a little bit like the 24 hour bag. Cute shape!
  7. I like it. Usually, Kate Spade bags do nothing for me. Many of them are too boxy. This one is a nice change of pace.
  8. Ohh I like it - it looks slouchy and soft. I am a fan of Kate Spade myself, especially her accessories and stationary.
  9. The leather looks nice, but the color/ shape combo does nothing for me.
  10. I have the black nylon version of this and I love it.
  11. very cute, and I don't usually like Kate Spade bags.
  12. I really like the laces on the sides. Adorable.