Fell in love with Marine Blue grand shopping tote bag

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
  2. It's really beautiful. That deep blue is divine.
    The Shopping Totes come in Petite and Grand.

    You can check current pricing in the stickied worldwide pricing thread.

    Sorry, I do not know anything about availability.
  3. That GST was from 10C. That is no longer available in HK or US.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Now i have to decide if i need to buy it online or check out for other design on chanel boutique. any suggestion for the available tote bag in the market today? thanks!
  5. I am also currently searching for my GST. I have called around in the US, the only colors that seem to be available is Black, Beige, light gray (very light, almost like white), and silver patent. I am looking for dark blue but it seems like either I will have to wait until November at the earliest which I will probably have to pay the increased price or get the black one, which is lovely and is my second choice for now, at the current price. lussie - wish us luck!
  6. Good luck on your searches!
  7. Hi momogirl, actually i'm also considering the black one but I think i cannot get it in HK as well, because I didn't saw it the last time i've been there in Sept. =( the silver patent sounds interesting but I think it's for evening use right? I like GST for casual use. goodluck to both of us! an update will be appreciated. =)
  8. Will do and sorry to hear that they are out in HK. I have seen them in every store here in the US. Not sure about how comfortable you are with ebay, I have seen a few new ones there lately. Good luck!
  9. Hi MomoGirl I am interested in the Silver Patent can you tell me what store you found it in and there contact # thanks :smile:
  10. sorry divagal01, I did not come back to this thread. I know it has been a month ago. It was the NM in San Francisco. I was there two weeks ago. And they still had it. Good luck!