Fell in Love with an Avatar - But Whose?

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  1. OK, y'all help me out here, please? One of the TPF gals has a gorgeous green bag in her avatar. I told myself I'd remember who, but of course I can't.

    If you have a green bag in your avatar, please show yourself!
  2. Was the bag a Tod's Decoupage?
  3. I don't know! It looked a little Kooba-ish. It's a mystery.
  4. Can you describe what the bag looks like so even if we don't find the person with the avatar we can try to figure it out?
  5. I Do Not Know If You Like My New Bag I Bought Yesterday Its Green N I Show You The Picture..next Time.thanks
  6. It was deep green, forest green and had a flap with a buckle on the front.
  7. I know I am no help. I think the buckle was gold, right? If so, I remember it too, but don't know who it was!!!
  8. Yes, I think so. I'm trolling threads, looking for it. If I weren't looking, I would find it!
  9. Ooh! What a mystery. Will keep a lookout for this mystery green bag!
  10. Yep, that's it! So pretty. Runner22 wins the title of "Super Sleuth!" Thank you so much.
  11. you're welcome!
  12. Hi Rondafaye! I just PM'ed you that link as well - runner22 you have a good memory!
  13. I have that bag in wine and I LOVE it! Even the strap is just gorgeous, I love the lace detailing. I've seen it in the green and it looks fabulous, there is a blue color as well that looks nice.

  14. Aw, it's a bag you're thinking of? Not my adorable John Krasinski?? :love: