Fell in love with a $4700 pair of VP's

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  1. OMG... red crocodile... if only I could justify them. I can't believe they cost twice as much as exotic Manolos! Haha... in my dreams.... I am so in love....
  2. :wtf: Are those the one from TaishasMan's link? They are definitely gorgeous, but too rich for my blood, LOL!
  3. What the H now I am okay with up to $1100 but dammit I am NOT paying $4700 LOL So I guess I will be CL crocless
  4. I know.... no... they are a darker richer red.... so amazing.... different than the posted pictures, i mean... that is almost 2 bags (Chanel anyway)... if I was famous... I really am in love!
  5. Even if I won a crazy mad lotto I don't know if I could pay that much for a shoe. They are gorgeous though.
  6. If I ever could spend $4700 in one thing, I'll spend it in Bvlgari.:girlsigh:
  7. Diamonds baby. They're much harder to chip than Loubs!
  8. If I were crazy rich I might...but it's still a LOT on shoes. They're very yummy tho..!!
  9. wow....$4700 for a pair of shoes! I would be afraid to wear them, let alone touch them!
  10. I don't think I would spend that much on a pair of shoes. Well, you never know...
  11. indeed :yes:
  12. Even with my amazing ability to spend on shoes, that's too rich for me :tdown: