Fell in LOVE again..... With MY BAG!!!!!!

  1. Has this ever happened to you???:

    I have this petit shopper in beige that I got about 4-5 months ago
    Used it MAYBE 4-5 times
    This week I was debating on selling it in the MP or eBay
    Today DH and I went out for lunch and to Saks and I used the bag...
    I tried on a pair of sunnies at Saks and when I looked in the mirror ...
    I seen MY BAG and fell IN LOVE:graucho:
    (I have so many black/Dark colored bags .... this bag/color just looked so nice on for a afternoon out...not too big not too small)

    While we were driving home I was looking at my bag and I said NO WAY CAN I SELL THIS ....
    Just thought I would share this story and see if anyone else ever FELL in love AGAIN with there bag..
  2. I want this bag! I wouldn't know how you could sell it.
  3. petit shoppers rock!
  4. You were blind to its beauty.

    You're able to appreciate it now. Maybe you needed to see yourself in a different mirror with different lighting. Anyway, good thing you didn't sell it... it's fabulous! :heart:
  5. It's way too cute to sell. Glad you're loving it!
  6. Thanks everyone
    Lets see if I'm STILL IN LOVE next week:rolleyes: LOL
    YOU know how it is.............
    US GIRLS ALWAYS change our minds when it comes to our bags;)
  7. i totally agree with you^^ i'm always changin my mind
  8. I have this bag and the same as you I have not used it in ages. I will start using again though. I will never sell my Chanels.
  9. I KNOW what you mean about not selling...If I did it would be to fund ANOTHER bag...:yes:

    BUT this bag I believe is and will be a classic so it would REALLY not be in my best interest to sell it:rolleyes: :shrugs:

    SO MANY people on this board have been talking about the shopper lately ...it got me thinking about using it again...That is why I took it out today;)
  10. i really love the shopping tote and the cerf tote in this beige. it's such a pretty feminine color.
  11. I really love the petite shopping tote..n plan to buy one in a couple of days:love:
  12. what shade of beige is this? is there a specific name for this colour?

    it's soooooo cute. please dont ever ever sell it. it's definitely a keeper!
  13. Omg! Really nice bag. Gotta love Chanel :love:
  14. I do this sometimes...it's a great feeling! It's like getting a new bag for free!
  15. :yes: I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wlae:
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