Fell down some stairs today...

  1. So DH and I went to our first joint OB appt and we got our first "baby picture". You can't really see anything but I know I am preggo and I am not giving birth to gas :lol:.

    So I have problems with elevators and refused to take it down (if you've gotten over this fear please give me advice) and on my way down the stairs BOOM :amazed: I fell. I caught myself on the rail and thank God was able to stop most of the impact but I did twist my ankle :cry:.

    Anyways I refused the X-ray and was worried about the baby. Thank God they said that everything is cushioned and since I did not fall on my belly or hard everything should be good.

    Thank God...Hubby and I prayed and my Mom gave me an earfull. I thought you are supposed to be clumsy at like 5 months...hehehe.

    Anyways that was my day...how was yours? :love:
  2. Awww! I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt. Were you excited about seeing the "baby picture"??
  3. OMGOsh! I almost had a heartattack when I read the post title and saw it was from you!!!!!!!!
    Whew, sounds like you're fine.
    Your OB is right, the baby is VERY protected, even if you landed on your tummy the odds are low that you could do any damage.
    Now scan that U/S and let Auntie Swanky see that little teddy Graham!
  4. I'm glad you and your baby are fine.
  5. I'm with Swanky, I was so worried when I read your title. Then at a quick glance, I was like, there sure are a lot of happy faces for a pregnant mommy that just fell!! :huh:

    Congrats on the baby pics!! Got a frame for them yet?!

    I am glad you are fine and so is the baby. Next time get hubby to carry you down, giggle, giggle!

    Be careful!!
  6. You should scan all your U/S pics and burn them to a CD> That waxy paper they're on fades over time, in a few years they'll be almost white :sad:
  7. Glad you're A-OK! And scan in the pic of your "bean"!! :smile:
  8. So glad you and the baby are ok!
  9. Hope your ankle is not badly hurt. Can't wait to see sono pictures of the baby.
  10. Glad to hear everything is fine...how terrifying!!
  11. thank goodness you and your baby are okay.......

    i have a fear of elevators but i don't know if your fear is the same as mine....i'm just afraid the elevator will go plunging down and i'll fall to my death :worried:.......my boyfriend tells me i'm crazy and there's no way because there's a catching mechanism but i refuse to believe him and so i take the stairs when possible........although i'm lazy so sometimes i do end up taking the elevator.....i'm also afraid of escalators so that doesn't work too well for me either.....wow i sound kinda crazy :wacko:

    oh and i'm also extremely clumsy and always tumbling down stairs/tripping/etc. and so when i'm going down stairs my boyfriend always walks directly in front of my so i kinda have something to support myself on so i'm more balanced if that make sense.....
  12. I'm glad you and the teeny tiny one are okay! So sorry you hurt your ankle. Take care of yourself! ;)
  13. i'm glad you're ok but you gotta be careful as the baby gets bigger! lol no ob/gyn with an office on the first floor? hehe
  14. Oh what a relief! Thank goodness you and your baby are fine! When I saw the heading, I gasped and held my breath until I had read your post. Please take care:smile: And put that leg up. Let DH do all the work, hehe.
  15. That happened to me when I was pregnant with my son while I was walking my two dogs. It scared the cr*p out of me. I know how you felt/feel. I am glad you and the baby are doing fine. Take care of yourself now!!