feline leukemia

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  1. Hello my family and I are looking to rescue a kitty! She is a 5 week old kitten but has not had any blood work done. The mom is negative and vaccinated but the dad was an alley cat. Do you think she is infected? My friend recently had a kitten who died from it (she has an infection that never healed and she passed away within 2 weeks). Our other kitty just died and as much as we want another family member we do not want to go through that same amount of pain for a long long time. And we don't want to take her in and give her up because that's a heartbreaking situation for everyone. Let me know what you guys think?!
  2. If Momcat has tested negative since having the kittens, you are probably safe. It wouldn't hurt to go ahead and test your kitten for all of the viruses before you adopt her. Would the family be willing to get one of the kittens tested?
  3. MOST of the time if the mother is negative the kittens are negative but the only way to be 100% sure is to have the kitten tested. The test is a simple blood test and it can be done at 5 weeks although my rescue will wait until 7-8 weeks right before we make them available for adoption. Every kitten or cat that comes through our rescue (and most rescue groups) are tested before allowing adoption.
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    Have it tested. Even it turns up positive it isn't a death sentence (right away anyway) - some cats can overcome it but still be "healthy" carriers. An infected cat can pass it to another cat by transmission of bodily fluids and that includes nasal secretions, litter boxes, grooming as well as sharing food/water bowls. So every cat can still become infected by another cat at any point in their life. My point is as long as the cat is healthy and not presenting any symptoms don't worry about giving it a good home and lots of love. There are many viruses that can kill a cat and if we all never adopted because of the fear of them, no cats would ever be adopted. I'd rather give a cat a good life while it has life to live.

    p.s. I do realize not everyone has a thick skin like I do but to illustrate my point I did have a beautiful adult male cat who adopted me and was diagnosed with the virus but went on to live a nice long wonderful life. He had regular vet visits, led a fun and healthy life yet I always knew someday I would have to say goodbye. He did succumb to the disease finally but for the years he was alive I was able to give him a life of love and luxury he so deserved.
  5. Unfortunately she would not get the kitten tested before we adopted her she said she didn't want to pay for it so we decided to wait for another kitty thanks for your input though! we didn't think it is worth the risk as we have already have a 15 year old cat who we definitely don't want getting sick :smile:
  6. So it was a private party? I assumed it was from a shelter since you said it was a rescue.