Feline Kidney Failure

  1. So I just received a call from my vet saying my eldest kitty may be in the earliest stages of kidney failure, but they have to do some further tests... so I arranged to have that taken care of... and I was bombarding the vet with questions and she basically said I shouldn't worry until the next round of test results are in and then we can talk about the way to approach the situation. The whole telling someone not to worry is pretty much a joke... so here I am, at work, red eyes and a giant mess...

    She's 18-19 and has lived with us for 17 years. They've been doing blood work on her regularly at vet appointments, and I just always assumed that it would eventually end up detecting diabetes and that I'd treat her with insulin and she'd live with me forever :smile:

    Anyway, I'm just looking to hear of others experiences with this... treatments, medicines, progression? I know it isn't going to get better, I guess I just want to have a realistic idea of what I'm in for. I don't go in to my vet again until Saturday for more test, but I guess I probably wouldn't find out the results until next week. Do they do dialysis on cats? Lol, the one question i didn't ask the vet!
  2. My heart goes out to you! I feel the same way about my kitty. He's supposed to live with me forever!!!!
    The only experience I've had with this was a supervisor who's kitty had kidney failure. They had to give her shots and do a type of dialysis, but it was very painful for her. I think in the end they stopped doing the treatment because it was as hard on them as her. I am so sorry I don't have better news to report. Ideally others will have better stories.
    All I can say is how wonderful that you have had her for the past 17 years. Although there is never enough time to spend with a beloved animal and I hope she lives 17 more healthy happy years!!!!
  3. I am so sorry. Stay positive and encouraging! She will be home and happy in no time. Out of curiosity, Does you kitty eat the food that was recalled?
    Best of luck and my prayers are with you and your kitty. :smile:
  4. Hi: I had a cat that started to show the first signs of renal failure at the age of 16. I was able to keep her alive and happy for another two years by giving her about 100ml of fluids every other day. It was given subcutaneously, and after the first few times my cat got quite familiar with the treatment, and it didn't seem to bother her at all. In fact, while I was holding her, she would get quite relaxed and start purring. Basically, this is just a basic form of dialysis, and it did keep her going for quite awhile.

    Your veterinarian will tell you if this will help your cat. I wish you the best of luck.:heart:
  5. No, she didn't eat any of the affected foods. It is just from her old age, I think, unfortunately:sad:
  6. I have a friend whose cat is nearing the end of its life. She is 15 and they found a mass in her intestines a couple of weeks ago, and she is now on antibiotics for a bladder infection. My friend was very upset, but is now coming to terms with it and spending a lot of time with the cat and making sure she is comfortable and not in pain.
  7. I just had to put down my 9 year old Siamese, this past July, because she went into renal failure. My vet didn't really have any treatment options other than switching my cat to a special diet food. She wouldn't touch it so she went back to eating her regular food. Dialysis wasn't offered to me as an option but I do know my friend's grandmother had her cat on dialysis for about a year before she was put down.

    One thing we did have done though was a sort of fluid flush where she was kept overnight and given a LOT of fluids. She wasn't a happy camper the next day but it lowered her levels significantly. It gave me an extra 8-10 months with her as well.
  8. A cat-only vet once told us that kidney failure is the way kitties go unless a cancer affects them first. She told us our Abyssinian (who was fourteen at the time) was in some stage of renal failure and it could take a short time or go on for awhile. Our baby has been with us for another two years and is still going strong. She does drink more water, but runs around like a kitten. Thus, a diagnosis of kidney failure does not necessarily paint any immediate picture of loss in some. Headbonks to you and let us know how your kitty does!
  9. it sucks, but is very common esp. in elderly cats.

    my cat had thyroid issues at the age of 15, and once we got that fixed via radiation treatment, it unmasked her kidney problems.

    my Big Kitty died of kidney failure at the age of 18. i always thought she would out-live everyone, too!

    there is a "paste" that your vet may recommend as a way to treat her to help her kidney. as well as a food with lower protein levels. i am sure your vet will cover all the options. ultimately though, there is no cure, only things you can do to slow it. and they can flush the cats system, but the cats dont appreciate it much.

    just be proud of yourself that you took such good care of your kitty that she has a long life!!
  10. I am so sorry to hear about your kitty....I recently lost one of my dearest kitty's to kidney failure (she was 14 yrs old). She was treated for a couple years beforehand for high blood pressure/hypertension and the side effects of all the medicine meant she suffered with kidney failure. It was a very hard time when she became very sick and refused to eat any foods. Administering the medication became quite traumatic for her and in her last week with us she stayed at the hospital for fluid therapy which initially worked, but they once it finished she declined rapidly....Going to the vet to collect her to take home I realised she wasn't happy and not the Lucy that I knew. I guess she was telling me, she didn't want to carry on, so I made a difficult decision to have her put down. I have always believed in never giving up! I am now going through another distressful situation with my other cat (in my Sig)...he has been diagnosed with Acromegaly which is a tumour in his pituitary gland...so I am on that awful rollacoaster ride of emotions again! Fingers crossed there may be some treatment available for him!
  11. Handbag, I'm sorry to hear about your kitty:sad:I don't know anything about Acromegaly, but I hope there is some treatment available for him.

    Luckily for me, the 2nd round of tests showed that my Rockie was not entering kidney failure, just dehydrated and probably being nervous at the vet led to the test results... but even the week in between the first and 2nd tests was so scary for me. Its just so hard having to even think about losing a pet. I know down the line the diagnosis may be real, but until then I'm just going to cherish her health and make her feel as loved as possible.

    Headbonks to you and your kitty.
  12. Kidney failure is prominent in certain breeds like Siamese and Abyssinian. I had to put my cat down last year because it was heart breaking to watch her suffer. She was 13.
  13. I am so sorrry to hear the news about your kitty. Big (((((HUGS))))) to you and your furry friend.
  14. I am so sorry to hear that. I hope there is something you can do.