Feline CRF Support Group

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  1. My Kitti has been battling Chronic Renal Failure for nearly a year now. I thought I'd start this thread as a support group for other cat mommies whose babies are suffering the same disease to get together to exchange and share experiences. Mods, if there's already a similar thread, please delete this.

    Anyone out there who has or had gone through CRF with their babies? I would really like to know what to expect.
  2. Aw poor baby. Sorry I don't have or had a kitty with CRF, but my thoughts and prayers and with you and Kitti.
  3. My Venus has been 'under control' since diagnosed with kidney disease 2 years ago. I had Rocky who passed away after having CRF 3 years ago. There is already an awesome site http://www.felinecrf.com/index.htm that would help tremendously... This site has been around for a long time and lot of the veterinary professionals refer the site to their clients. Their support group is Yahoo Group.
    Battling this diease for your kitty is really a team effort. Us mommies/daddies being educated and having a great veterinary team to support your care. I take my cats to feline-exclusive hospital because I know they are always up to date with the current feline diseases.
  4. My best friend/housemate's cat was diagnosed with CRF and we were told Eyeliner could live for another two years if we kept up with the IV fluids and took her for regular check-ups. That was 5 years ago and Eyeliner is about to celebrate her 23rd birthday.

    One key is to keep the house extra clean. Cats with CRF have very frail immune systems and can't handle infections or antibiotics.

    Turn the time where you have to give her the IV into her special time. Give her a treat, lots of hugs, etc. Eyeliner comes running when it's time.

    BTW, Eyeliner gets fluids 3 times a week now.

    It's sad but it's not a death sentence yet.
  5. tiramisu, Thanks for the link. I think i visited the site and the support group before, I can't remember but I'll check it out again. You're lucky you have access to a feline exclusive hospital. Where I come from, there isn't one, and it's already a huge problem finding a reliable vet. The only vet I trusted went back to Australia, and the vets who took over her are young and inexperienced. Are there any special supplements or treatments besides SubQ that your vet recommends? My Kitti is on Azodyl to help her kidney flush out toxins and also Transfer Factor to help boost her immune system.

    restricter, 23 years old!!! WOW!!!! Your best friend is surely taking really good care of Eyeliner. I hope Kitti can make it past this year.

    AAA07, thank you for your wishes.