Felicity Star Keri Russell Is Pregnant

  1. FRIDAY JANUARY 19, 2007
    By Julie Jordan
    Former Felicity star Keri Russell is pregnant, PEOPLE has confirmed.

    The actress, 30, and fiancé Shane Deary, 30, a contractor, will welcome their first child this summer, according to Russell's rep, Jill Fritzo.

    Russell and Deary have been dating for several years and were engaged to be married last year. No wedding date has been set, Fritzo says.

    Russell played the title role of Felicity Porter in the hit WB drama from 1998 to 2002. In 2006 she appeared opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 3.

    Her new movie, the indie romantic comedy Waitress, was directed by the late Adrienne Shelly and screens next week at the Sundance Film Festival.
  2. awwwww I love her. She's a good actress and really pretty. She doesn't get enough roles! I loved Felicity.
  3. aww i love her since felicity!! I miss that show!!
  4. she is very cute... i used to watch felicity... it's a very cute show! i agree that she doesn't get enough roles... and she appeared in MI:3 for like what? 5 seconds... but anyway, that's great news! congrats to her!
  5. For some reason, I thought she was married to the guy from tv guide...I can't remember his name right now.
  6. I thought she was still dating Scott Speedman! I'm so out of the loop. LOL... Happy for her!!
  7. I didn't know she was ever dating Scott Speedman! I was always a Noel girl myself.. :yes: I'm happy for her!
  8. Aww good for her :biggrin:! I really like her.
  9. Keri is one of my fave actresses so when I heard the news yesterday I jumped for joy. Man I would've loved it if she was still dating Scott. they were such a cute couple. But I'm happy for Keri. She's gonna be such a great mom.

    Oh and ita about her not getting enough roles. She's an amazing actress and deserves more thah just the screentime she got in MI:3.
  10. I;m so happy for her. Congratulations.
  11. I love her too, she is beautiful.
  12. Congrats to them!
  13. She is so cute!
  14. good for her :smile:
  15. [​IMG]she looks so cutie:biggrin: