Felicie vs. Daily Organizer?

  1. Anyone else have this dilemma?

    Pros, cons of each?

    Will either of these ever be in empreinte? :sad:

    After a long break from LV, I want to come back! Before whatever purse it is, I figure a wallet first...
  2. This too was my dilemma. But as I posted in the Felicie thread I got the Felicie for it's versatility. The two inserts are great to use in other bags, the chain I also use on other bags, and it's a cute little clutch/crossbody. The daily organiser is really nice, but quite heavy compared to the Felicie. But you could use that as a clutch too because of the handle, great for travel. It holds a lot. But it is also longer compared to the Felicie/zippy. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the weight. Definitely helps. I will use this more as a wallet inside another LV so weight is a key factor.

    My LV store is a bit far so appreciate your help on this forum!