Felicie Pochette in DE vs. Vavin Chain Wallet in DE


Mar 9, 2012
I am really struggling to decide between these two bags as an upgrade for my well-used Michael Kors Adele Logo Smartphone wallet (so I'm already accustomed to carrying around only my cards, cash, phone and a lipstick). My intent is to use them as an everyday bag including throwing it into a larger bag when traveling or going to work in a physical office (which hopefully I get to do again soon).

Note that both bags look great and both fit all the things I want to carry so I can't rule either one out based on that. I was definitely planning on getting a leather strap for either bag as I don't think I'll find the chain strap to my liking for every day usage. To me, the Vavin comes across as just a tiny bit dressier but not sure that's either a pro or a con as I certainly don't think it's too dressy to be an every day bag. I would love any thoughts from those that have them that might help me make the decision.

Chain is thicker and substantially heavier
Only holds 6 credit cards (but I don't really need it to hold more at the moment)
Seems more awkward to get credit cards in and out given the slots are fixed on the back wall of the bag

Magnetic closure is easy to open/close
Has an outer pouch under flag
Exterior design is just a bit more interesting

Button snap closure isn't easiest to open/close
More structured so less of an ability to "stuff" it if needed on occasion(which actually may be a good thing)

Holds 8 credit cards
Easier to get cards in and out of insert
Lighter chain
Probably a bit easier to throw into another bag given exterior design
Almost $600 (33%) cheaper
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Aug 30, 2019
I would go with the felicie for everyday since it’ll hold all of your essentials. It costs less (so it’ll be a bit more worry free), and it’s lighter. However, the felicie is tight IF you are using the inserts that come with it.

I have the felicie and will be buying the Vavin WOC soon and plan to use the WOC for special occasions/date night. I have the Vavin bb and use it for dressier/less casual events as well. Tbh, I like the felicie but don’t use it much because it’s just too small for me.
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Jun 17, 2013
I recently purchased the Vavin Chain Wallet in black Empreinte, and it is just a stunning little bag. All the little details on the front and the magnetic closure really make it look like a small handbag. Sometimes I use a black Epi PA that I bought a crossbody strap for - it’s so great, but very plain looking.

The chain on the Vavin looks nice but is kind of heavy. I ordered a leather strap for it as I think that would be more comfortable for day to day wear. I am still unsure about using the card slots in the back, but a card holder, Rosalee Coin Purse, or a cles fit comfortably in the front pocket without stretching it out.

It seems from social media that the Felicie is more popular than the Vavin, but I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the Vavin is in person. I don’t live near an LV store, so I ordered it online. Good luck deciding!