Feet on Multipockets

  1. Ok, I've pm'ed some of you already for help on the mysterious "feet" issue:flowers:. And someone suggested that I post a thread so that we can all find out and learn, for future references. That's a great idea! So here tis':biggrin:.

    The question was which Multipockets came with the 4 metal feet? The large? The small? Quilteds? Others? All of the above, none of the above, or is it inconsistent depending on season/year?

    So, those of you who have the MJ Multipocket, could you please post if yours have the feet or not? Also, please specify which bag yours is (eg. plain calf leather, quilted leather with chain, quilted denim, etc.) as well as the size.

  2. small, plain calf leather does not have feet
  3. I had a small multipocket in the metallic silver--it had NO feet.
  4. Quilted Denim Multipocket doesn't have feet.
    I don't remember seeing any recent Multipockets (the ones already mentioned above, quilted leather ones) with feet -- am I wrong or simply getting old? LOL.

    For previous seasons, other MJ experts might know more. =)
  5. My Large Ferrari Red Multi has feet.
  6. The large multipocket has 4 feet. The regular size doesn't. Not all bags were available in both sizes, i.e. the silver multi only came in regular.
  7. You are killing me Selena each time you mention this bag. Sniff, sniff.

    My small black nylon multi-pocket has feet.

    My small pale pink multi-pocket does not have feet.