Feet on Downtown tote

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  1. Hello I was wondering how many feet does the Downtown Tote haves
    On the bottom of the bag. I am looking to buy one but the ones I keep seeing are 2-feet.
  2. mine has four but it is a deerskin one (wsithout pocket) so not sure whether that is the same as for theother ones
  3. The deerskin (no pocket) has 4 feet, but the buffalo leather (with pocket) has 2. Hope that helps!
  4. Yes, my black patent Downtown has two feet.


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  5. I think the buffalo with the two snap feet are made to attach to your bag to a piece of their new luggage line... no??
  6. Cosmopolitan--thanks so much for posting pics of your downtown :yes: I've been wondering about the YSL embossing on the bottom of the patent bags. Have seen it on the buffalo versions but not so much the patent ones. Thanks again!
  7. My red patent downtown has 2 feet too, just like cosmopolitan's