Feelings, Stories And Experiences You Had With a New Mono Speedy?

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  1. Hello! As I just bought a new MONO speedy 30 and am pretty excited about it, I really want to know how you felt if and when you bought one and what experiences you first had. Thank you very much!:biggrin:
  2. I always love getting new bags.

    Congrats on your new speedy
  3. I got my Speedy 30 in August....and simply fell in love!!! It's an amazing, timeless bag! Enjoy!
  4. i got her Dec 31 2009.

    i was in awe! i literally stared at her in the car ride after getting her.

    im still in awe. :heart: her!
  5. I just got my first Speedy last week, and I am in love!! Enjoy!
  6. Was not able to stop playing with it and felt all giddy since it was my first!
  7. I purchased my first speedy a LONG time ago LOL. There used to be a Neiman's in downtown seattle, and I came home from college one weekend and went to Neiman's and bought a speedy and a matching wallet, I LOVED it so much! I was a sophmore in college and carried it through the rest of my college years and years after! I no longer have it, but I sure wish I did! Congrats on your new speedy, enjoy your bag and the memories:smile:
  8. :ghi5: I got mine the same day! Actually, I returned a Monogram Vernis Sarah Wallet in Pomme D'amour which I bought two days prior to that. I have enough LV wallets and just didn't feel as enthusiastic about it as I thought i would.

    When I got my Monogram Speedy 30, I was ecstatic! :yahoo: I am nervous about dirtying the vachetta leather so I wipe the handles and the trimmings with babywipes from time to time.
  9. Congrats!!! I have two mono speedy's (25 & 35) and I love them both equally.
  10. I got my first LV in May 2009, and I was so excited and happy. I've since gotten so many compliments and stares whenever I'm out and about with her.
  11. I got my first LV on February 13, 2010 which was a Mono Speedy 30. I still can't stop looking at it and holding it. I love it. Enjoy!
  12. I was estatic.. i bought it in Vancouver Holts, took a ferry, train and plane to get home to Ontario, then i opened it for the first time and found out it was Made in France, i totally forgot to ask when i bought it because i was too excited! my speedy will be 2 years old march 5!

    Enjoy your new Speedy! :yes:
  13. My speedy was my first LV. I couldn't stop string out it. I loved putting it on my counter or in the front seat of my car where I could look at it. I still love getting new bags to this day. Congrats on your first speedy!
  14. I have had my speedy for 5 and a half years and I still love it! It's so sturdy and makes a great work and travel bag. Hope your years with your speedy are as happy as mine have been!
  15. I always love getting new items, whether it's from a store or pre-loved from someone else. I've loved every Speedy I've ever had from Mono to Epi to Mini Lin to my Monogramouflage. I'm actually thinking about selling my YSL Muse in order to get a pre-loved Epi Speedy in the same color...[I want a pre-loved one because the older models had golden brass hardware, and I'm a gold girl!] I'm such a LV addict!! :girlwhack: