Feelings on this? Ignore or not

  1. So i just found a listing on eBay for a pair of shoes that used to be mine. I had them listed seller offered me a sale outside of eBay which i accepted (yes i know what people will say) anywho, i bought the shoes from a seller in England. I found the shoes listed today on eBay and the seller has vibrammed over the sole and is selling as new, with the claim that she personally purchased from Saks.....this bothers me as they werent purchased there at all,

    Should i ignore and move on or should i say something or any ideas?
  2. Ohwow...I would say something, as that is how I think: honest. It's just not right that she is selling something that someone might purchase as new when it's used.

  3. Yes they are.:thinking:
  4. I'm confused. You bought the shoes from this seller? Or did you sell the shoes to this buyer who is in England and who is now selling them as new?
  5. OP, I would definitely call eBay and report this. Think about if you were a buyer and bought this mess of tissue pretending to be new shoes. It's just so very wrong.
  6. OP sold used shoes to this buyer in California, who is now selling them as brand new, bought from Saks, in California. The OP originally bought them from someone in England.
  7. Have you contacted the seller yet? I would send her a message through ebay's message system telling her that if she doesn't update the description from new to gently used that you will contact eBay. Let's see if she doesn't just get cold feet.
  8. I don't want to open an ethical can of worms, but here goes. I don't see how you felt it was ok to defraud Ebay, but now want to report someone else for potentially attempting to defraud. Why is it ok in one situation , but not another? :shrugs:

    cui bono I guess
  9. Just a little FYI: she is representing them to potential buyers as being brand new, she bought them from Saks but doesn't have the receipt, and had her cobbler add the vibram soles. She says she now keeps her receipts, but that for these she doesn't have one (I wonder why...) and that she technically tried them on so they have been on her feet but are Brand New. Not kosher.
  10. Sorry because I posted the incorrect link it was confusing. The shoes came from England originally, I listed them on eBay as preowned and the person that bought them from me is now selling them as new, and claiming that she had purchased them herself from saks hope this helps
  11. It's not I dont realize that and I knew someone would mention it which is why I titled my thread title the way I did. I'm not the first person to deal with sales outside eBay and I didn't ask her to take it off eBay she asked me not like it makes it any better but whatever.

    My issue is I believe when I was told that she had received the shoes in an email that there was some sort of message along the lines of I already wore them out and love them or whatever, I can't find that message now but I'm pretty sure that was is. So they were worn when I sold them, she wore them and is covering the wear with vibrams now. I guess I feel bad that a person could be buying used shoes not new ones that the seller is attempting to hide.

    I don't wish to get Into the eBay debate we've had it a million times. If your opinion is that I shouldnt say anything because I originally defrauded too that's fine I respect that, that's why i asked for opinions.