feelings on the diamond stich flap?? sell or keep?? help

  1. Hi gals

    Im in a bit of a dillema. how do you feel about the black diamond stich flap tote from the DS collection? Is it pratical, classic?? I am leaning towards selling it because I think I want a larger white chanel bag :x

    do you think the DS flap is a keeper?
    if not, whats a reasonable price to sell it for? Im entirely too lost.
    I really want a PNY bag, but would need to sell the DS flap.

  2. any pics?
  3. lv1011 - I love this bag. I guess if you're looking for a much larger bag, then you may want to sell this one.

    If you really want the PNY bag and find that you keep thinking of that bag, I think you know you need to sell this one to fund the other one.

    I probably am not helping much. It's hard to part with any of our bags.

    Good luck to you.
  4. I Want The Ny Flap Bag Too !!!
    I Love It
  5. Oh Yeah- Keep He Flap And Sell The Bowler- People Are Having Various Problems With The Bowler...
  6. keep flap! i wanted the larger one but never found itt
  7. Oh wow - the DS flap bag is beautiful!

    Is there anything else you could sell to get the PNY? :smile:

    PNY is pretty but looks like it might be uncomfortable for everyday use, as it's big but has the chain straps. I see the DS flap bag has leather for the shoulder, and seems more versatile for everyday.
  8. I think it IS a keeper. What a great looking bag.
  9. I'd keep the DS flap too and sell the bowler. I love the DS flap.
  10. I have the DS flap in black as well and I wouldn't dream of selling her. :love:
  11. hehe thanks gals.

    I really do love my DS flap...I just want the pny in darkwhite or black soo badly!

    maybe ill sell my lv framboise zippy and a dior gaucho on eBay to make up for it LOL

    you guys are great!

  12. good idea!! That flap is gorgeous...so a keeper!!
  13. can you find the PNY Flap?

    That may be a deciding factor.
  14. I would definitely keep the DS and sell the other stuff! A black Chanel is timeless.
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