feelings on the Burberry nylon trave tote for everyday?

  1. I was debating this bag for school... thoughts?
  2. Very versatile bag, except I'm not sure if it can hold as much as you might need...the books, laptop, etc may be too heavy.
  3. I just bought the Black one for my daughter for Christmas ( got it at Nords) and some reviews on their website say it is perfect for a laptop and books, people do use it for school.
    I have not seen it IRL yet but I think it would be OK as long as you do not lug around huge textbooks all the time.
    Congrats, I think it is a sweet Tote!
  4. I have a few of these in different sizes. One of them is super small so I won't talk about that one but here are the other two sizes:



    I got the first size first and then I found the second one and I bought it in two different colors because I like it SO much better. The first one fits my 15 inch laptop if you put it in vertically, but it's kind of awkward. The straps are shorter, it doesn't fit as much, and I just don't get a ton of use out of this bag. It's nice because it does fit books/binders in it pretty nicely so it looks put together, but I just like to have more space.

    The second one fits my 15 inch laptop if I put it in horizontally and it's great! It's GINORMOUS and I can pack so much stuff into it. It might be too big for you but I absolutely love this size!

    They're great bags and they feel much sturdier than Longchamps. However, the straps aren't as long as Longchamps which can be annoying.
  5. The smaller size (1st picture) is like a uniform bag at my uni, along with the Le Pliage. I mean, literally 1 in every 3 girls carries this bag. I got the larger size one (2nd picture) to stand out from the crowd and I love it, I've gotten tons of compliments! It fits so much but it takes a lot before it gets heavy because of the weight distribution. I just need to figure out how to clean it, though.

  6. Thanks so much for the info, methcat and HoyaLV!
    Where did you guys find the larger one?
    I it still available in stores, or only on the auction sites?
    Does it have a special name, and what are the measurements?
    Sorry for all the questions! :p
    I'd love to find that larger one for my daughter, too!

    Methcat, f you get a chance, Id love to see them side by side for a size comparison..... she loves the one Santa gave her this year ( the smaller one you have in Raspberry) and it would be great to have the larger one too, so she can fit her laptop inside.

    Thanks again ! :biggrin:
  7. I just returned this Tote...my daughter is used to the long handle drop of the Longchamps le pilage ( which is around 12 inches when the bag sags) and the short handle of the smaller Tote really bothered her.
    Besides that she loved it!
    If anyone has the larger Tote, I'd love to know if the handle drop is the same....from photos I have seen, it looks like the handle might be longer on the larger bag?
    Thanks for any info!
  8. I just pmed this to pilatesworks but she suggested I post it here too!

    From left to right: smaller Burberry tote, larger Burberry tote, large Longchamp

  9. Thanks for the comparison! Out of curiosity, which one do you like or tend to use more?
  10. I never use the small Burberry, I didn't even bring it to school with me last semester. I have two of the bigger ones (the color I showed and a black one) and I use these fairly often. I use the Longchamp when I have a lighter load (usually just my computer/a notebook/planner/iPad/a few smaller things) but if I'm going to the library or something and I'm bringing my computer charger/books/whatever, I would use the bigger Burb bag.
  11. Thanks loads to the sweet methcat for posting the comparison pics of the Longchamps Le Pilage vs the two Burberry bags.....it is such a valuable resource and I am so glad that she took the time to take photos for us!
    HoyaLV also PM'd me info about the larger vs the smaller tote, so thanks to Hoya too!

    methcat, I believe the larger Burberry bag you have in Tan is no longer available in stores, is that correct?
    When did you get the larger Tote?
    Thanks again!
  12. wow thanks for the comparision pics! maybe I should wait on this one, I'm gonna be carrying huge science text books till I'm like 27... so sad I really liked these! thanks everyone for your feedback
  13. As much as I love Burberry, I think the Longchamp is the best of the options.
  14. I have one in the medium and I absolutely love it! I like it better than the long champ!
  15. I have 3 of these bags, and I sell them to customers everyday. I have a black tote with the check print on the outside (black on black) and I also have a purple tote with different tones of purple check on the outside as well. I love them for travel and also everyday! They are very sturdy, and can also handle carrying a laptop (I have had mine for about 3 years now) and have had no issues! I get compliments on them a lot, and they make great carry-ons and overnight bags, too!