feelings on S/S 06 leather?

  1. some people love it, some people hate it, what do you think?
  2. i love it... :biggrin: i had a ink city and it was quite SOFT!!! and smooshy... loved it!! The veiny was alright with me, gave it character... are you thinking of getting a bag from s/s 06??
  3. SS06 leather was soooo different to any leather before or since - it is quite unique. I actually really like it BUT not as much as I like the other seasons leather. I prefer my b-bags to be smooshy and soft to the touch - I love hugging them and stroking them :love: I think the SS06 is visually quite appealing because it is unusual with it's veins and shininess but it isn't so tactile and for me, touch matters more and that's why I will always prefer other season leather :yes:

    I loved AW06 leather on the whole and SS07 seems pretty good so far too.

    BTW - I own two SS06 bags myself and love them both :love:

    That's my opinion :flowers:
  4. The leather really varies from bag to bag. I have seen some leather on the spring 06 bags that was not nice and others that were thick and smooshy. It really depends, I think.
  5. i've got 2 bags from 06. one is from the spring and one from fall. both of mine are totally different. the spring being thinner than the fall- much thicker. however i love them both!
  6. I LOVE IT!!! Very happy with the leather for sure!
  7. I had 3 bags from SS06 a cornflower first with very thin leather (sold it), an ink city with really nice soft, smooshy leather (sold because I bought a turquoise) and a grey twiggy which I still have because she's nothing like the other SS 06: she has very thick, soft and smooshy leather and when I got her I would never ever have thought that it was SS06, she rather feels like a SS05 bag.
    I didn't mind the different leather because they got some beautiful colours and for me it's always the colour which makes me buy a Bbag not so much the leather. I'd say they were just different, not better or worse than the other seasons.
  8. I had an emerald city which was very shiny and thin so it had to go a rouille that was not as shiny but quite thin (I would have kept it but the color didn't work that well). My fall camel city has very thick but a little dry leather (I havn't really used it yet), my ink day is incredibly soft now but on the thin side, my RV city has wonderful soft leather but is thinner than the camel and my greige day is just very thick and soft :love: !

    So they are all very diffrent and I must say I like the variety!
  9. I have an Ink Weekender from '06 and I love the leather!!
    It is fairly veiny (and thick as well) and just keeps getting better every time I use it!!
  10. ITA. I have 2 bags from '06 with completely different leather. I have an ink with the nicest, thick leather, then a pale pink with very thin, soft leather. :heart: them both though!
  11. I really didn't like the SS 06 leather when I saw it in stores, but my Ink day is breaking in quite nicely! the leather definitely gets softer and the shine wears away gradually, so now the bag is super soft in some places and shinier in others, which gives it a nice broken-in quality with vintagey variations. I'm very happy with it.
  12. I love how it looks but not how it feels when I touch it. I amso afraid that my b bag's gonna crack anytime
  13. I LOVE it-my SS '06 City is thick, soft and smooshy:love:
  14. Personally I think the 06 leathers are the best they've had.
  15. I'm by no means an expert as I only have 1 other one and that is from s/s05 (thick,soft and smooshy) but I love my ink day which I just got, its veins, its shine, it's leather is definitely a little thinner, but I don't know, for me it works. I keep looking at her!