feelings on PAUL SMITH?

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  1. hey all, recently i was introduced to paul smith's designs, and loved how streamline yet quirky they were, especially the cooper- classic. how do you all feel about him?
  2. i was looking at buying a LV wallet, but now im thinking maybe i should hold off and buy one of his wallets, i know i want his messenger later on..
  3. I like him! He's really good..But I dont see him around much =/
  4. I like him a lot.
  5. I love the swirl!
  6. My husband LOVES Paul Smith. Luckily he is a shopping label whore so most of my handbag shopping pales in comparison.
  7. what do you guys own from his collection?
  8. Please post pictures! Never hear of Paul smith!
  9. [​IMG]i was thinking of buying this one
  10. Wow, looks like something that fayden might like too.
  11. i definetly was thinking about this for next year or something..[​IMG] i think im going to put my LV cravings on hold, im young, i have my whole life to deplete my bank account for lv :biggrin:
  12. im also looking for the envelope style striped business holder, i thought it would be fun for when i dont need my wallet or something.. does anyone know where i could buy it? i saw it somewhere recently but i cant remember
  13. Paul Smith has a shop here in Coral Gables, Florida - I haven't been in it yet, I always thought it was geared toward men because one of my sons likes his stuff. I'll have to check it out.
  14. I have a pair of sneakers from him, they're black hi-tops with multi-colored butterflies on them, they're so cute and I get tons of compliments on them!
  15. I really love the stripy bags