Feelings on key cases?

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  1. I was thinking of getting rid of my key ring and getting a key case but I'm not sure. Do you guys have a key case? If you do you like it? How do you feel about the Fendi one in the picture?

    Thanks guys!
  2. I have a zipped LV key case. Discontinued long ago. I love it. The six key hook size can hold credit cards behind the keys. I had a cheap key case with key hooks with little hinges that were supposed to hook closed and they wouldn't stay hooked. Not good having the keys loose in my case!

    The Fendi looks nice, I like the extra ring thing and it is six hook/rings so might hold cards behind the keys. Not sure if two snaps to close is a good idea or not though, might be sort of fussy to do all the time. Can you try it on?
  3. I have a 4-key holder from LV and I love it! I also like knowing my keys can't scratch up anything in my bag, or any suede linings.
  4. A question for you folks that do have cases - what about the big plastic controllers that remotely lock/unlock the car door, etc.? How can a key case be practical with those? (I hope this isn't considered a thread hijack :shame:smile:
  5. I've had them in the past and am not a fan of them.

    Here's why (IMHO):

    I ended up "doubling up" on my keys because I have a lot of keys, then the case wouldn't snap shut.

    To use a key meant unsnapping the thing, picking out the key, then having to basically hold the key itself with my index+thumb to use it because the case and all the other keys were righthere in my way. With a traditional key ring, the keys drop out of the way and you can easily grab them with in your hand while using one key or let them fall and still have ease of use.

    If I'd leave a key peeking out for ease of use and snap up the holder (when it WOULD snap closed) the key would scratch other things in my purse anyway.

    I just found them bulky and awkward. Again, all this is IMHO. Makes as much sense as an Hermes chewing gum case.
  6. I don't really "get" them... especially not at $200+ for some of these brands. Maybe I would change my mind if I had one buy at least for my lifestyle, I'd rather put the money towards a wallet or something.
  7. I dont like the case because i find it too bulky and i dont like if it hits my knees when i am driving...
  8. I have a red LV epi key holder & I love mine! It's great because it's easy to find the bright color in my purse & I don't have to worry about my keys scratching up anything. I'm not sure how I feel about the fendi one though.
  9. I don't have a lot of keys. Just the house key, which opens all the locks, and the car key. The problem is the car key is one of those big bulky plastic ended things with the little "clicker" to lock and unlock the door remotely. I have the hardest time getting that key onto the circle thingy... makes me think a key case might be a good idea, but only if the clicker can hang out the end of it when closed.
  10. I only carry a couple keys so it's not really an issue for me, but I could definitely see using a key case like this one if I had more
  11. Excellent question! I've always wondered about this myself! And what about when you drive does the case just dangle there? Id love to hear the input on the car lock fob too!
  12. Thanks everyone so far for their input! I don't drive beacuse I do not have a driver's license so I don't have to worry about a big car key. I have lot of keys but I really only use maybe 4/5 of them and I have those little plastic cards from CVS and other stores. Maybe I'll stick to key rings and just get a nice one?
  13. I have a LV Monogram Vernis Key and Change Holder which I received as a gift at an event. While I love LV, I find it a pain in the a** as it doesn't fit some of my larger keys. It's cute but I wouldn't buy it.