feelings on dolce&gabanna?

  1. do you like the brand, more specifically the clothes, accessories, etc.?
  2. I LOVE Dolce Gabanna. LOVE LOVE LOVE their designs !
  3. I love their dresses, they are completely designed for woman with curves and boobies!!
    I find the trousers far too slim cut though and made for woman with 36" plus legs!!!!

    When I went to the Milan store, it was the most amazing shop I have ever been in, swoon :biggrin:
  4. I love Dolce & Gabbana! Their dresses are amazing & make your body look great.
  5. oh darn lol, im neither :crybaby: unless my "dimensions" 32: 24: 33 are considered curvy.
  6. i like them a lot. They always have fresh ideas! :yes:
  7. Love them!
  8. I'm a major fan of d&g by Dolce&Gabbana (a bit cheaper than the collection), especially their dresses. The fit is absolutely AMAZING and the styles are unique as well.
  9. That's my aprox.measurement and the size 22 in d&g fits me perfectly! the dresses hug my every curve (or at least brings whatever curves I have out).
  10. You'll definitely find clothes that will fit.:yes:

    I LOVE Dolce & Gabbana. I love the runway collection for outrageous embellished dresses and accessories but their non-runway collection is great for wardrobe staples: cashmere sweaters, knee length skirts, etc., classics cut sexier.

    I absolutely ADORED the spring 2006 collection, like the red ribbon dress ... on sale for $2200 at Saks on 5th Ave if anyone is interested.... :nuts:
  11. I LOVE D&G and w/ the dolce & gabbana line, i am more drawn to their shoes.

    D&G is outrageous, funky, and all that. I love the cuts of their clothes, especially their bustiers and their dresses. :love: :love:
  12. i love dolce&gabbana, i'm not mad about the D&G line...
  13. Love,love,LOVE the line! The best looking jeans I own are D&G. Italian fashion in general fits me better-I take after the Italian side of my family and I am just built for D&G.
  14. I have a stunning pair of green satin and gold leather high heeled sandals by Dolce & Gabbana and they are, possibly, the prettiest sandals I have ever seen!

    Also, they're not too high (3"), unlike most of the other heels around at the moment, which seem to be 4", or even 5" high (excluding any platform)!!! :wtf:

    Unfortunately, I do think some of their stuff can be a little obvious (and dare I say it...gaudy!), though.
  15. big Dolce & Gabanna fan! although not crazy about their bags? Their dresses & shirts are to die for! Really bring out the feminine sex goddess in you:biggrin:

    And their shoes! swoooooooooooooon!:biggrin: