Feelings about oversized Edith

  1. I'd like to know if anyone owns an oversized Edith. Is it too gigantic? How do you like the oversized versus regular sized edith?
  2. I don't own one and prior to seeing one I thought I wanted one. Then I saw it at Nordstrom, tried it on and it felt awkward. You can wear it over your shoulder but the weird angles on the bases make it look like I'm going to hit the person walking in front of or behind me. I prefer the medium sized one.
  3. Yip I agree I think its a bit too much
  4. I saw the big one IRL months ago and almost bought it, but thought it was too expensive at full price... I loved the way it looked. Granted, I am tall (5'9") but I just really like big bags, especially for work. And for a big old bag, it wasn't that heavy.

    I recently bought the medium sized edith in jade on sale, and I don't love it.... but only because I keep thinking of the large one! I want to sell it or return it for the larger one.

    I think it's definitely a personal preference kind of thing. I just think the big edith looks really cool.:heart:
  5. I love the large Edith, especially that it can fit on the shoulder, and I finally bought one on sale about a month ago. Still, even though I am a big bag lover, I will probably use it more as a travel bag than as an everyday handbag. It could also serve as the equivalent of a Balenciaga Work, for those who are used to carrying that size all the time.
  6. I'm only 5'4", but I'm not tiny. Since I hear so many raves about the Edith, with the beauty of the leather and all, I oplaced an order for one without seeing or trying it on first. The large was the only one left at the time. If I feel like the bag has to grow on me, or if I'm not in love with it, I guess I'll just return it or sell it.
  7. Rollergirl, do you have any pics with you carrying it so I can gauge the size?
  8. I own the medium size Edith. Originally I too thought I wanted the large version, but after handling one I realized it was just too big! I am not a short person, but the large size would definitely only be good for travelling. If you carried it around, people would assume you were going on a trip!

    It is good that the handles are long enough to go over your shoulder, but I do not think that the design of the Edith is suited to wearing it that way. It would be like wearing a briefcase on your shoulder. And those new season Ediths with the long shoulder strap look wrong for the same reasons.
  9. I picked up the large the other day in Harvey Nichols here in Edinburgh and it was gigantic! I am 5 foot 10 and took over most of the bottom of my body! Way too big in my opinion but a lot of people like that so each to their own!
  10. I'll see how it looks when it arrives. I should get it sometime next week. The SA at Bal Harbor said she was mailing it out this past Wednesday, so hopefully it'll be here by the middle of next week.
  11. I like the medium sized one best..on me...its depends on what you are using it for ..etc.
  12. :yucky: Well the Oversized edith arrived today. NOT what I expected. It's actually the flap satchel. Apparently the SA forgot to mention the large flap while describing the bag, which would have been an alarm to me that it wasn't the regular style edith, which is what I wanted. I am attaching a NM photo. This is the exact bag I got. Of course, it's going back . :hysteric:
    flap edith.jpg
  13. Not my favorite! Have you gotten the paddington hobo yet?
  14. No. Hasn't arrived yet. Thought it was weird since the associate said she was mailing out all my purchases the same day.
  15. I like the regular sized Edith.