feelings about fur

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  1. I love the look and feel of real fur, but I doubt I'll ever have a genuine fur coat because it seems so politically incorrect, especially in the ultra-liberal college town where I live. Also, I could probably find better ways of spending five or ten thousand dollars.

    What are your thoughts and feelings about fur? And if you hate it, what are your thoughts on leather?
  2. for some reason i find fur absolutely disgusting, but not leather. maybe it has to do with the fact that animals used for leather are also used for other things and not just thrown away. but either way, in an ideal world, nobody would kill animals.
  3. i like fur, but only in small amounts. nothing big like a fur coat. fur trim is fine although i do have a bunny lined jacket... i guess bunny fur is ok, since bunnies breed like bunnies. but bunnies are really cute. but something exotic like mink, not too thrilled about that. leather doens't bother me at all, i have a leather jacket, leather bags, shoes, etc.
  4. Ickkkk... Go faux, if for nothing else than cost.
    I love leather though. I guess so many people eat cows every day that it's kind of justified. But wearing real fur would be like wearing your pet puppy or cat or something. Just creeps me out.
  5. I find fur utterly disgusting. The way in which they kill these animals for the fur is inhumane and cruel.
    Even the look of fur to me is tacky & looks cheap, i dipise it.
  6. I could never wear fur. It makes me sad just looking at it. I love leather though. Mostly becuase many parts of the cow are used, they aren't killed just for the leather.
  7. I hadn't thought about it until I was in Burberry this weekend. Their jackets that I LOVE are on sale, but the one I want wasn't left in my size. The SA kept trying to sell me one just like it but for about $200 w/ a fur trimmed hood. I was defintely not interested in wearing it and it dawned on me that I suppose I have an aversion to it afterall!
  8. This thread should be merged with the old fur thread :biggrin:

    I like fur :biggrin: I dont really like how it comes to be, but I must say it feels lovely and looks as good as it feels. Its not too practical for me since I live in HI, but if I lived elsewhere I'd be rocking some.
  9. I love fur...faux, real...i love it.
  10. I own a fur coat. It's a personal decision. Regardless of if it's leather or not an animal died in order for it to be in your possession. That's kinda hypocritical in my opinion, and Im not slamming anyone but it is known that their ARE ppl on this board that rock fur. So to me if you go home and eat a big fat steak and have to loosen your leather belt when you are finished then you cant point the finger @ fur wearers. If you dont like it I can understand why and respect that. I dont condone hurting animals maliciously. But I live in Tx on a semi farm. My family has killed animals ONLY for the sake of eating. At times my mother was on foodstamps in my life. So ofcourse my veiw on hunting and what not are different from someone who lets say never had to do that. Like I said it's a personal decision and I wish those PETA loonatics would move to the moon.
  11. you are right: i don't like fur beacuse my opinion is that it is ridiculous, because in italy i usually see fur wore on people that are just trying to look rich (and are not) and that makes me laugh :lol:
    i buy leather shoes, i eat meat and sushi, i could never say to a person "you killed an animal!!!":smile:
  12. Now that is silly to spend money on a fur when your rent is due. LOL! : )
  13. oh believe me in italy they do this
    i see young children holding 600 euros worth cell phones even though their parents are not wealthy :weird:
  14. Lmbo!
  15. It feels good, but I don't support it. I don't eat meat either. :smile:

    Logically, I shouldn't support leather either. It's hard to get away from that though.. it's especially bad since leather is a by-product of the meat industry. Maybe when I get older and more hardcore about my food/ethics choices. It's a personal choice though, I don't hate on anyone for what they believe, unless they try to convert me of course ! :Push: