Feelings about 06 Truffle

  1. How do people feel about '06 Truffle? I don't see as much about it as I see about the 07 browns. Is there a reason it's not as popular? I'd like to get a brown Bal, but ideally I'd like a Purse, which means I can't get an '07 color. Truffle seems to be the most common one that pops up, but I'm not sure that it has the depth of color that is so nice in Bals. Your thoughts?
  2. I have an 06 truffle city! IMO, It is kind of a lighter, more "golden" brown. Mine is very veiny and shiny. When I first got it, I wasn't too crazy about it, but the more I carry it, the more I love it. I always get lots of compliments on it.

    RDC has an 06 truffle purse in stock I think.
  3. i remember i posted once that the difference between the two years (other than the texture of leather) is the colour. one's more 'yellow' then the other. i'd say it's fine as long as you like the colour, cos the issue of the dryness of 06 bags can be fixed with conditioning/moisturising. jmo.
  4. Truffle isn't the most popular on this board, but I have a truffle mini bowler that I like a lot. It was a little dry when I got it, but once I conditioned it, it has become the smooshiest, loveliest bag I own. The color is true brown -- no red undertones. I think it goes with everything.
  5. I should be getting a truffle in the mail next week and I'm really curious what it's going to look like. I've seen photos on here that I've loved and some not so much. The SA wasn't 100% sure it was truffle anyways so we'll see what shows up! :p
    But overall, I think it's a pretty brown and I bet it would age really well. I would think it looks better the more broken in it gets.
  6. I have a truffle and really like it but I think it might need moisturizing. Ahertz what did you use if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Not a big fan of Truffle, like other browns more like mogano and sienna much better.
  8. I think even the 06 Truffle varies in color and texture

  9. The truffle twiggy I had briefly.. was veiny & shiny. It definitely needed some moisturizing. My sister had a Truffle wallet as well... and it too, needed moisturizing from time to time.
  10. My 06 truffle city (pictured in previous post) is veiny and shiny, but not dry. It really is very pretty, but it is a matter of personal taste.
  11. My feeling about 06 in general is a bit ho-hum...I bought an 06 Truffle First as my first 06 bag and it was all downhill from there. It faded on me (yellowed) and the leather was dry and thin with deep veins. Maybe I just got a bad Truffle, but every other 06 bag I got (incl. ink, RV, rouille, blueberry & emerald) was the same old dry, veiny and crackly story...The 07 leather and QC changed out of sight!!!
  12. I have the 06 Truffle City that I adore. When I first got her, she was so dry, but with a bit of moisturizing she turned soft and gorgeous:heart:

    It's a beautiful vintagey medium brown that wears beautifully. I've never had any problem with fading or yellowing with mine and I've had it for a year now. I think it's not very popular amongst tPFers because of the dry leather factor...

    Here's my little girl:love:

  13. I think the 06 leather was a generally bad year for most Bbags. I've read about so many complaints with it being too dry and crackly (although there are some who haven't had that problem). If you're not a risk taker with bags, just be careful when purchasing an 06 bag.

    Like another TPFer mentioned before, it all comes down to a matter of personal taste :smile:
  14. Hmm I posted this q on another thread... I just bought a black city..SA accidentally sent me 06 instead of 07...It's my first Bbag so I'm not so familiar with the leathering, etc. I wasn't sure if I should ask for the 07 instead, since there isn't much difference for a black city?!
  15. I was at Barneys in chicago yesterday, and the SA pulled out a bunch of brown bags to compare to my mogano, which I had with me. (She wanted to see what all the fuss was about because I'd been looking for it and she couldn't find it for me.) Anyways, one of the bags she pulled was a truffle day that they had, and the color definitely wasn't as rich- this one was also quite veiny (white veins), and felt smoother and stiff, especially in comparison to my mogano. None of that tdf smooshiness. However, I noticed that Barneys in chicago doesn't have the best leather- almost everything she pulled out- including a cafe with GGH and a sienna- had stiffer leather with white veins. My mogano was from the Barneys in NYC.

    I actually think that truffle is a great neutral, if the leather is nice. Tooshies truffle is stunning, but it also took work. it seems that truffle leather tends to be stiff with white veins.