Feeling very scared and worried.. Happy Ending !!!

  1. As some of you may know, my little brother(The one who loves LV) left Singapore at the beginning of September to start college in Manchester,UK.
    He's always been good a good student and never missed classes. I'd usually email / talk to him at least once a week. Sometimes he's just lazy to reply my email but if I called him, he'd definitely pick up.

    However, me and my parents have been trying to contact him for the past 4 days and strangely (And very worrying), his cellphone is shut off 24/7 and everytime we call him, we get redirected to his voicebox.

    He's NEVER been uncontactable and he'd always charge his phone or switch it on until the batteries run dead/have spare battery just in case we call him for some emergency or vice versa because of the time difference.

    Me and my parents are worried sick, I just called his hostel (It's 6am over there right now) and got the Night-shift manager, Bob to help me check on his room to see if there was anyone in there. Up till this point, I was still quite calm and assuring myself he was just being lazy about calling us back home but Bob came back and told me that the bed hadn't been slept in and the room just had some shopping bags left on the floor with a bag of groceries on the table.

    Where could he have gone?! I'm beginning to have bad thoughts and fear that he's been mugged or something bad might've happened and I am really on the verge of tears. He told my Mum that he would call us back the next day and since then, he's not been contactable. Both my parents are worried sick at this point as well.

    He stays at Park View, Moss Lane East M14 4PX. If there are any tPFers from Manchester, can I know if that area is safe? He was arranged to stay there by the City College Manchester.

    Thank you very much in advance. :crybaby:
  2. Im of no use, but I really hope that everything is fine with your brother. I will keep him in my prayers just to make sure he turns up alright.
    {BIG HUGS}:heart:
  3. My prayers and good thoughts are with you....:heart:
  4. Hang in there itsabagslife, we are all pulling for you and your brother. Im sure he is going to be o.k. with some crazy story of why he was unable to get to the phone. Please keep us posted....... your in my prayers.
  5. ^ Thank you ladies, I really hope that wherever he is, he gives us a call at the very least... :'(
  6. Oh my gosh, I am sorry about the anxiety you guys are going througH! I hope everything is ok with your bro! Let's just hope he was very lazy to call you guys. Be positive, and keep calling over there! I know someone can help you here in the forum ok! Please, try to calm down. Please keep us posted!
  7. I really hope everything is okay with your brother! Maybe he has fallen madly in love and just has forgotten to call :/ or there is some other crazy explanation.
  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for your brother. Hope things will turn out all right. Do you know the phone numbers of any of his friends or fellow Singaporean students at the college?
  9. ^ passerby,

    He told me that his class was pretty International and he was the only Singaporean there. His circle of friends there were mainly Japanese and from Hong Kong. :'(

    Latest update:

    I called Bob again and he was such a good man, he took another trip up my brother's room and told me that my brother's glasses were on the bedside table and his white schoolbag was in the room too. But he couldn't find any cellphone and he says the room looks pretty untouched. :'(

    He wouldn't go anywhere without his glasses! He's blind without them. :'(

    Edit: If any tPFer from UK is up, please please kindly let me know if the hostel where he's staying at is safe. Thank you very very much!
  10. Oh... I don't know what to say... I'm so sorry this is happening to you and your family and I can only imagine how helpless you must feel. I hope everything turns out OK and that he was just staying over at a friend's... {{{itsabagslife}}}

    PS - Since the housing was provided (or simply recommended?) by the university, can you contact the university? Or the police station? Maybe you can ask Bob to knock on some neighbors' doors to see if they know anything? Was your brother ever required to provide a list of references for his lease? Maybe you can see if any of the contacts are local and worth contacting? I'm just trying to think of some ideas... As it is, I'm no use here in the US!!
  11. I called Bob and he said that his college books, his bag and his glasses were in the room and his unmade bed (Biggest qns mark to me right now). He's reluctant to wake his flatmates up! And he's asked everyone who's walked by the reception if they've seen him and so far, no one's seen him yet...
  12. hopefully it will all be ok. pls keep us posted though as im sure many of us will now worry with u
  13. I've never heard of the hostel before, but I typed in the postcode on streetmap to see it's location. It looks to me like it's in a really good place, near the University. Thousands of students live in that area so he should be ok there. I've heard really good things about that college too. I hope you get in contact with him soon, and please keep us posted if you hear any news.
  14. :Hugs:

    Keep leaving messages in his mail box.

    Hope everything turns out ok
  15. Best wishes to you and your family *hugs*
    Hope he shows up soon, will keep him in my prayers.
    Please keep us informed.