Feeling very down! Help!

  1. Hey ya all, I'm going through a rough patch right now and i really need all the listening ears and support i can find. I won't take up your time by going through all the details but the summary is that i got screwed by my ex-boss who promised to promote me and then proceeded to squeeze me out of the group and company. I have some family issues that i'm trying to take care of so i had to leave the US to attempt to deal with family stuff. career wise, it made sense for me to go back to graduate school so i applied but i got rejected by the schools. :crybaby:

    I'm not so much angry and frustrated that i didn't get into school but that i know some of my friends that got in and i'm at least as smart and hardworking as they are. and i don't know why i didn't get in.

    obstacles just seem to find their way into my life. i've so sick and tired of fighting for everything everytime. i have to fight so hard just to take a step forward and it's not any easier when i see my peers who have a smooth sailing career path. they have job offers thrown at their feet while i interview like mad just to get an offer!

    i know no one will have answers but I'm just so tired of getting screwed over all the time. i work hard and i'm smart enough and i do a good job but i somehow seem to get screwed in the end. :cursing:

    i spend my free hours sleeping to minimize the waking hours where all i feel is misery and numbness. i go to sleep hoping that i don't have to wake up to deal with another day. when i'm awake i feel like a ghost just floating around trying to get through the day. at this point, even bags don't cheer me up. how major is that?!? :shrugs:

    my friend says that there is a reason for everything but that doesn't give me any comfort. i can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and i can't see things working out. all i can feel is the pain of the rejection, the anger of feeling like nothing works out for me. all i can see is the years ahead filled with more struggle, more crap thrown my way and i'm so exhausted.

    sorry for the longish post. but just needed to try to get some help and support and get through all of this. thanks!
  2. Oh Im so sorry you are having a tough time.
    I have a philosophy I live by.Its that we are only given what WE can handle and it will only make us stronger and better ...
    Trust me..I know things must totally suck...but turn it around and try to make it better.When Im stressed(like now!LOL!) I run.I just got off the treadmill.Its where i do my THINKING..LOL..Find an outlet to vent.it helps I swear.Exercise is mine...and I hadnt done it for a while!
    Just dont find a negative outlet(like drinking..smoking..etc!!) ..Make it positive so you have something to look forward to.
    Chin up..Itll get better.I truly beleive that everything happens for a reason..Maybe you didnt get into school because something WAY more fabulous is headed your way!**HUGS!**
  3. Oh geez, I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. :sad:

    You know the saying: "When it rains, it pours."

    The way you're feeling at this moment, comforting words will probably just sound like a cliche.

    Therefore, I'll just say this: Hang in there. Try not to let the negative emotions become overwhelming. And although you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel now, hopefully someday the light will appear.
  4. ^^^ so true!
  5. ahhh, I know we cant help much, but we sure can listen!!

    take care and vent all you like :smile:
  6. Oooh, it sucks when things aren't going too well :sad: Although, personally I think that everything happens for a reason. I don't know if it's faith or if I believe in faith at all, but I do believe that things would be otherwise if things that happened didn't happen. I've experienced a lot of things that were horrible while it lasted all through my teens (maybe I just was a bit emo, but it was horrible back then anyways), and to this day I am very grateful why those things happened, because if it weren't for them, I would not have been where I am to day, with my values and friends. Yeah, it would've been awesome if those four or five years were filled with more fun and stuff to look positively back on, but really, it was sooo worth it.
    So just hang in there, it will probably lead to something better in the long run, and ITA with what Jill said - these experiences will make you stronger :flowers: :smile:
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that!!:wondering

    I know this may not sound too encouraging but sometimes things can only get better...

    Hang in there!!It will get better! <hugs>
  8. *hugs* sorry to see your going through all of this, Just believe that good things do happen, patiance is the key in life:heart:
    everything will be alright.
    life does have it's ups and it's downs. just gotta ride it out and you'll be just fine :smile:
    Something really wonderful might be headed your way so just have faith and believe :flowers:
  9. Sorry to hear about the recent events that have been so difficult. It might seem overwhelming now, but you just have to try to keep it together, and it'll pass.

    Chin up girl. We're all here for you if you need a listening ear. *BIG HuGz*
  10. wow that stinks, when things get bad for me i use my foul sense of humor to get through.
  11. From your post alone, these are the positive qualities I (as a complete stranger) gather from you:

    1. You are smart and eloquent, based on your writing and flow of thoughts.
    2. You have courage and guts to show your conviction and air your thoughts openly.
    3. You have grace and dignity to admit you alone cannot conquer the world.

    You are not as unbearable and unloveable and unqualified as you believe you are. Yes, you probably are smarter than all the other flakes out there who get amazing jobs for picking their nose. Yes, your old boss was an a-hole. Yes, family troubles get everyone worked up into a funk. You deserve to vent and be bummed right now. Just know that tPFers are all routing for you, even though it seems we are "shallowly obsessed" over handbags, we're upset when one of our own is so blue that even handbags don't comfort anymore.
  12. hey bubble! we are all wishing the best for you. i pray tomorrow will be a better day. :yes:
  13. I'm so sorry to hear that. I actually have similar problems and I'm extremely frustrated. I believe that something better will come along. I wish you the best.

  14. So very well said!

    Bubbles, vent all you want hun, we're here for you! I know it's hard to see the positives when everything is seems gloomy, but you have to hang in there. Things will get better! And this will only make you stronger!

    *** BIG HUG ***
  15. Thanks for all your listening ears, hugs, prayers and comforting messages :yes: - you have no idea how much it means to me. Besides a close friend who knows what;s going on in my life, you guys are the only people i can reach out to and i'm feeling stuck and very alone right now.

    I've heard the "we are only given what WE can handle" bit but you know I've had to go through so many bad patches over the last 8yrs. HOW is this fair or helpful that i'm just thrown crap all the time to deal with?? (ok forget about the fair part, i know life's not fair but i have this strong sense of justice vs. injustice in me :s) Is my life to be filled with nothing but struggles??? i'd rather be suffocated by fake bags to end my misery if that's the case.

    i've fought through every time to come out alive. am i a tough cookie? yes i am, but i'm so sick of it. can't things just work out FOR ONCE? i'm not asking for a perfect life. I'm just asking for things to work out now and then. i just need to have a relatively good career so that i don't have to worry about finances for me and my family. and i really needed school to work out because i'm so stuck here. (w-jade, thanks for the reassurances. that's kind of how i'm feeling now. dumb, retarded and unwanted. :crybaby:)

    When my bossed turned the tables on me, i took it as calmly as anyone could and took it in my stride. thought that maybe this was an opportunity for me to go back to school. I hoped things would work out only to come to this

    i know what you guys mean about riding out the wave and i tell myself the same but i feel like it's the end of the world and i can't see things getting better!! :confused1:

    let's see Outcome a) will i find a better job? - probably not Outcome b) will the admissions committee email me to say they made a grave error - most definitely not Outcome c) will i find a random job here, in a place i'm not very keen on living in - possibly. I feel so trapped and doomed.:sad:

    I think this episode has just made me lose faith that things will work out. Jill, I really don't know how to turn this around to make it better. I feel like i'm at a dead end. I can't see how anything fabulous will be happening to make up for the setbacks i've had in my career. Even if a wonderful guy landed on my feet it's not enough for me because i would still feel like a failure with no career of my own. I guess i can try to find a job here where my family is even though i want to go back to NYC. I'm just taking it day by day and i can barely get through the day. well i can, i just sleep alot and am stone faced during the hours i'm awake:shocked:

    i know i should probably get my ass to the gym to work out, it's suppose to make you feel better but i can't get myself to do a thing right now. it's on the to do list though. :yes: the last thing i need is to look fat and flabby! still have that 5 - 10 pounds to lose. it just seems to stick on. where's teflon when you need it?

    need to get out of this, don't know how though... :push: thanks for listening you guys!!

    *Big Hug Back* to leanbeanee, Nymph, MarieG, Jill