Feeling unsure about my east-west bag after 1st use....

  1. Hi all, I bought this dark blue caviar east-west bag last month and used it for the 1st time this weekend. It is absolutely gorgeous but I am not sure if it's a keeper for me because my wallet is fat with a lot of cards and stuff in it (except cash :P ). So although I can fit my 3 essential items in (fat wallet, a dozen keys with 2 car remote alarms and a cellphone), i seemed to struggle to put them back in place and close the bag everytime I am done using my phone or my wallet, not too conveniant for me......I know this bag would be totally fine for most gals with thinner wallets and without all those keys and stuff. But I really don't want to reduce the number of keys or the number of things in my wallet since I need them all.....

    Then plus I am seriously (I mean seriously) thinking about the cloudy bundle collection bag and the CC lace necklace (they are the first things I think of when I woke out this morning, def. shallow obsessing here..), and I am really broke, so I start to think....maybe I should sell the east-west bag to fund my cloudy bag and cc necklace purchase.......should i do that!!!!!???!!???
  2. cloudy bundle leather is so thin.
    I wasn't impress about it so much beside the beautiful color.
    I think you just have to desciplain yourself to carry less things.
    Maybe :smile:
  3. when you say it's thin, do you mean the leather is not durable - cannot hold much??

    i think wallet, keys and cellphone is not much, it's just that i have a lot of keys i use, and the 2 car remote are fat too
  4. It sounds like you're having serious second thoughts about the East/West...so maybe you should sell it when it's practically brand new to get a bigger bag and a necklace?

    I, too, have an uncontrollably fat wallet (dunno why it's so fat since there's no money...), a cell phone with a bunch of charms, and lots of things that I like to carry around. But when I want to use my clutch, I only move the essential stuff in it, and move my cash, ID, and credit card into a little card holder. The reason why I carry so much stuff around daily is because I'm kind of paranoid about "what if..." situations. However big the bag is, I will find a way to fill it up. (I'm scared what would happen if/when I get the huge oversized tote...I hope I won't resort to carrying around extra outfits or something.) I admit it's kind of LIBERATING when I tell myself that I can only carry a few things in my bag and pare down. I have never come across a situation where I thought "dammit, I should have brought this!"
  5. Hmm... the east-west is thin (meazning not thick leathering) which is why I find it to be capable of holding more stuff than my med. double flaps.

    You can stuff it and it won't really cause any damage whereas with my double flap if I stuff it-it'll leave marks on the leather.

    Your choice but big bags are always handy
  6. I do not want to pick things out of my wallet and put them in another smaller thinner wallet when I want to use this bag, that is just so not convenient!! I mean I can def. use this bag, just that I don't really enjoy the openning/rearranging my stuff in perfect positions/then closing the bag. But nonetheless, it is still one gorgeous bag, still hard to part with.....
  7. hikarupanda, if it's already inconvenient for you and there is other stuff that has caught your eye, i would sell it. this is unless you absolutely love your e/w no matter what- i rarely use my reissue bc i carry a fairly fat wallet (with all those receipts! :P) but i would never ever sell it bc i absolutely :heart: her.

    i actually hope you get that lace chainbelt (or necklace). it is totally stunning, and i think would be an investment piece!!!
  8. I rarely use my reissue too, but when I use it I don't feel like it is so much trouble getting things in and out. I guess what I will do it's wait for the necklace and the cloudy bundle bag, and if after seeing and trying the real things and I have that love at first sight feeling, I will buy them, then I would have to sell off some of my bags to justify my expensive new purchases....then the east west bag would be one of those things you will see me list on ebay!
  9. I m thinking of getting the east-west... now after your posts, i have doubts lol.

    I never use my LV cerise pochette... is it as small?
  10. if you do not love it sell it! Honestly, you wil end up not using it or compromising on what you carry in it and life iis too short:P !
  11. I have a red one & I luv it very much. In it, I have my short wallet about 1 1/2 inches thick and that take about less than 1/2 the length of the bag. The other half length, I have my cell phone & a Chanel powder compact & a lipstick & a chapstick & my car key (remote+ 4 keys). Believe it or not, my bag do not look over stuffed at all. I'm thinking about getting another one in taupe!

    If you end up not using it, sell it. Good luck! I'm going to check out that necklace & belt today. They're very unique pieces.
  12. If you don't absolutely love, sell it and get something bigger. Chanel has got so many great styles.:heart:
  13. I would sell it and buy what I like. Life is so short to carry something that is not 100% satisfactory. It's costly somewhat but you're always pleased with what you have. :jammin:
  14. If you aren't sure.... let it go and get what you REALLY want!!
  15. ^ I agree! I too need some "space" in my handbags...