Feeling uncomfortable~~ opinions please~~

  1. I just bidded on something yesterday for a Chanel handbag (250199885841).
    It's suppose to end on Jan. 2, 2008, but the seller all the sudden ended it earlier. I had this handbag authenticated and the bag is good. But for some reason, I just had a bad feeling about this, cuz the seller knows that I'm going away for two weeks starting from Jan. 2. and I just realized that he didn't say much in the description about this bag. What does everyone else think? Should I go ahead and pay it?!

    I've also messaged the seller if he can let me pay for the handbag when I come back from my trip. Since I would like to receive the bag and take a good look at it when I receive it. His policy is 3 day return policy.
  2. Authenticity issue aside(as I'm not a Chanel expert). I agree that you'll need to check the bag when it arrives unless you have someone at home who can receive the parcel and check it out for you. Hope the seller is willing to wait 2 weeks for your payment.
  3. From looking at the auction, it seems the seller ended the auction early for you. Wasn't it your request that he do this? If so, I can only imagine that he expects to be paid immediately. As a seller, I wouldn't end any of my auctions early for someone only to be paid two weeks later. If that is the case, he could've just let the auction continue and possibly get a better price for the bag.

    If in fact you asked him to end the auction early for you, you should pay him immediately. Otherwise, it's like you are holding the payment hostage until you feel like getting around to sending it. And in the meantime, he is stuck with a "sold" bag that he hasn't been paid for and a wasted listing.
  4. Unless you asked the seller to end the auction early, I'm not sure why he would do that. I would feel uncomfortable about that as well.

    Without looking at the auction, were you the only bidder? Did you contact the seller prior to bidding and tell him that you would be out of town for a period of time? Perhaps he needs the money from the sale right away and that is why he ended the auction early.
  5. After looking at the auction I have to agree with print*model.:tup:
    I feel that you should pay for the Handbag, his feedback looks good and had plenty of higher dollar items in it.
    You may however ask him, if he would agree to let you return if it is not as he described it when you get back.
    I would get his contact info from eBay and give him a call if you are that worried.

    Good luck and enjoy your new handbag!:tup:
  6. ITA with Matt and hope everything works out!!!!
  7. It says, "The seller ended this listing early to sell to the high bidder(s) at current bid price." If the seller did that for you, I think you should pay immediately. Waiting two weeks is a very long time.
  8. print*model
    I didn't ask the seller to end the auction early, I have no idea why he ended it earlier. That's why I think something might be fishy.. but I checked his feedback and his auctions... everything else looked okay to me..

    I did ask the seller to send me couple of times for the pictures.. because he kept telling me that if the bag is fake, he would give me my money back.. so I felt bad asking him for photos back and forth then I told him it's because that I'm going away soon for a trip.. that's why I want to make sure that the bag is okay why I bid on it, instead of making a return and spend extra money on shipping.

    Thanks girls.. I think I'm goin to get his number from eBay first.. then I will try negotiate with him if I can still return the bag once I get back to inspect it.
  9. Good luck, I hope this works out for you!
  10. Maybe the seller is happy with that selling price, and you are a good feedback buyer. Instead of letting another zero feedback bidder come in the last minute, he/she would like to sell it to you.

    I wouldn't worry too much. If there is something wrong, you always can contact eBay and file a SNAD, or file a charge back via your cc when you come back.
  11. ^^I agree. If the seller was happy with your bid price and just wanted to close the deal, it would be reasonable to end the auction early. I'd be happy if that happened to me.
  12. the Chanel bag is beautiful! I would be happy also....
  13. Thanks~~

    I just went ahead and paid it with my AMEX... and the seller agreed to ship the bag to me the day of my return! So I'm happy and excited!!
  14. Paypal will give you 45 days to file a snad so his 3 day return policy holds no weight if the item is not as described. Just pay with a credit card on paypal and you will be fine.