Feeling totally depressed...

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  1. Have you ever experienced such feelings? I mean, I feel like at 24 I'm no one and nowhere. I'm not married, I do not have a serious relationship, my modelling career failed and I'm jealous of those girls who reached something there, I do not exactly like my current job (personal assistent to company's president). I have a feeling like times flyes and that the real life is going past me. I start to feel old, feel like I haven't done anything in my life, while I'm already 24. I'm sitting now with a bottle of wine and writing all it....
  2. You are not old at all! The best things in life are still to come! Things will change, they always do. We all go through our bad patches in life. Try to focus on the things you can change now - like looking for a new job. Your new, improved life could be just around the corner.
  3. I totally agree with shopping junkie.
    just have faith and try to change the things that are keeping you down.
    Change can always be good for a person :smile:
    Good things will come but patience is a must in life.
    it can be tiring but there's no way around it :smile:
    Just believe in yourself :flowers:
  4. Things could always be a lot worse, trust me on this one.
  5. I believe that everything happens for a reason, maybe you didn't succeed in modelling because you are destined for better things? i get like this sometimes but i just tell myself to snap out of it, i know its not as easy as it sounds.
    Why dont you write down everything that you want to do and then write down the steps you are going to take to get you there, it will make you feel alot better and make everything seem so much clearer, i promise you everything will be ok for you, keep your head up ok
  6. Yes, I'm going through a similar thing right now!! I'm 20 and I'm almost finished with my undergraduate, but I have NO clue what I want to do afterwards. All my friends have plans for grad work, or know what field they want to work in, but I don't know what I want to do 100% - I was thinking about an MBA or law degree, but what frustrates me is that I can't decide...I don't know what I want. I feel like time goes by too quickly, and like you, that I'm no one & nowhere!

    I am very depressed these days. This may be TMI, but I was assaulted by my b/f a while ago...it was very violent and I'm still dealing with it. I'm upset that he did what he did plus I'm mad that it had to happen to me. A lot of my friends are in stable relationships or are casually dating and to compare myself to my friends in the dating area...well...you get the picture. (and another thing is that my friends BARELY talk to me, I seriously have only like one close friend -- my other friends don't want to say things & upset me...and even my close friend
    says things that upsets me something w/o realizing and I really need my friends right now, I'm so sad/lonely). Like a friend of mine is in a serious relationship now and I'm jealous just because she has someone that loves/cares for her and I don't. Plus I really like a guy, but I don't want to tell him....the whole rejection thing =( Plus, I'm swamped with schoolwork (almost end of semester) and I feel like I need some "me" time.

    The replies here did inspire me though! =)
  7. Oh, don't feel sad, you're just going through a bit of a rough patch since your relationship didn't work out (you broke up, didn't you?) And what's this talk about being old at 24?, you're just starting out!:yes: Has any of us experienced this? I'm sure you wouldn't find anyone here who hasn't, at some point, but it passes (believe me, it does) Write a little list of all the good things in your life, like being young and attractive, in good health, having family and friends, a job and being young enough to go back to college and start something new or change your career in some other way and most important of all; You've got the Purse Forum:heart: (what more can I say...LOL)

    Cheer up, girl, I'm sure life will be really good again soon:yahoo:
  8. That's life, there are ups and downs...something good will come out of this. Just try not to dwell on the bad things, hope you feel better soon. :love:
  9. You are so young and so beautiful. And you have a full life ahead of you. What you are experiencing is nothing but a temporary set back. Hope you feel better soon. *hugs*
  10. OMG yes, I feel the exact same way. I'm 24, I finished college but have no job, no relationship, ect lol. I found a bunch of my hs buddies myspaces and they all have kids, are getting married, ect :crybaby: I know its just a phase and I'll get out of the funk but it is getting old :cursing: Just know youre not alone!
  11. CHIN UP!!!All of us have those days...it only means there are better days ahead to look forward to.You will find your niche in life..sometimes it takes longer than we like..but one day you will look back and understand.everything happens for a reason and we only learn and grow from the negative things..I swear!
  12. You've hit a bump in the road. Time for Plan B. Get out there, and make things happen for yourself! You only live once, make it a good life. Talk to friends, maybe a career counselor, or go to school. You are worth it! Be happy, make things happen for yourself, and great things will come your way. Really!
  13. Disappointment is always hard to swallow, no matter where you are in life. Trust me, you are young and beautiful and have more options then you know. Whenever I hit the wall my s/o always tells about the closing door and look for the window. I want to scream, because I think it's a cliche. About the boyfriend thing, I did find love until I was a lot older, know what I liked and disliked and was relaxed, but not resigned to my state. It took a long time, but we have been together for over eleven years. He is my love and and best friend and a blessing. Hang in there. It sometime takes a very long time, before you enter in that place of comfort. Look at it this way: some people may hit the high point early, but then crash and burn and never do anything else. So use this as a time of self discovery, which can be really scary and exciting. Take care.
  14. I think you have a lot to go on - you are gorgeous (saw the pic elsewhere) and you are young - come on you can do anything you like, you are not bound and stuff. marriage will come sooner or later, so just enjoy the now. I don't living in past or future - it will all happen as it should be. enjoy being 24 now so that you can enjoy being 35 tomorrow, know what I mean?
    just forget modelling and find something new! there is plenty of nice things out there.
  15. Sorry you are feeling blue......it does get better!! Life is full of highs and lows....lessons are learned from both.