Feeling throughly duped by Hayden-Harnett..any advice?

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  1. Soo...HH lowered their 'regular' price on some bags? I'm kind of annoyed.

    I ordered the black Suki Ladybag during the sample sale last month and the original price was $525 (I think) and I got it for $390. Now the regular price is listed at $395, and it's on sale for $276.50! That's $113.50 less than what I paid for the sample :sad:

    I wrote CS asking for a PA, but I haven't heard back - any advice?

  2. That really stinks!. I bought the Nico XX a few weeks ago with a %15 off coupon, and now they are offering 30% and free shipping. OH well :sad:
  3. darn, that's too bad :sad:

    and did the original price change? that's what i was really surprised at - that they dropped the original price on the Suki $120 after the sample sale! That's only $5 more for a brand new one now than what I paid for the sample :/
  4. Wow. Sorry you're going through this. Their CS is really great, and I hope they don't prove me wrong in your case.

    At least push for an explanation.

    An exxample of my really happy experiences with them:
    I bought a moss keyfob on sale for $20 with free shipping. Normally $28 and then s/h on top of that. Sunita (sp?) emailed me and apologized all over the place that they didn't have moss anymore and asked me what color I wanted.

    So, I picked Poppy, which wasn't on sale. And she sent it to me at the sale price.

    Every time I've dealt with them, they are eager to please.

    Good luck!

    I wrote them and asked for a PA, and they replied:

    "Hi, we are going to issue the difference for the Black Suki, in the amount of $113.50"

    Yay! HH wins back my love w/ their great CS :biggrin:
  6. WOW! That's great! :yahoo:
  7. OOh thanks for the heads up!
    I know its very minor - but I bought an owl coin purse at $38.50 and now its $30 - Its still like $10 almost - I want a price adjustment! I will email them right now!
  8. glad that it worked out for you..
    Enjoy your bag!
  9. Can somebody enlighten me and tell me what is HH?
    Sorry! Never mind, read better through this. Should I check their website?
  10. wow, i've always been pleased by the HH customer service, but this is quite the story. CONGRATS! i was stalking the suki for a while and jumped on it when i saw that they had lowered the price to 395 from 520, and i would have been so bummed if i'd paid the elevated price! lunaboston and some other sites are still selling the Suki at 520$ and don't think many of them realize that it has been reduced. I pointed it out to thepursestore.com and they reduced their online pricing almost immediately.
  11. HAPPY DAY!!!

    I'm so thrilled for you! I love HH. It's a name that's only been in my head for 6 months, but I've loved everything I've gotten from them.

    Congrats on your purchase.
  12. Ok.. so I just got an email back from them - I am a little confused (well I did ask them for a PA or if I can re-purchase the times) ...

    I hope that this email finds you well. We would like to credit you on the difference, but during the current sale there is no free shipping as there was on the Mother's Day sale. The shipping charge if you bought the items again would actually make the purchase more expensive then during the mother's day sale! Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks!


    What does this mean? They won't do the price adjustment? If they do it then they have to charge me for shipping? I am a little confused... I know its only about a $10 difference, but its a matter of principal! I could use that $10 towards something else at that store! LOL
  13. kinda off the subject here, but i've been eyeing the suki ladybag and was wondering if you like/dislike the bag?


  14. i LOVE IT. i think it's my most favorite bag that i've ever owned! it is so ladylike/demure but also with a really great vintage edge to it. the leather is soooo soft, the strap drop is a great length (comfy under shoulder, but looks great hand-held too). the external pocket is pretty easy-access for my cell and keys. i guess if i had to complain it would be that the lining isn't one of those pretty paule marrot limited edition floral linings. it's just the basic HH logo lining in some kind of soft canvas cloth. the size is great too - i can get my planner in there, even some 8.5x11 folders (they *just* fit), cosmetic cases, wallet etc. the pleating on it is also very pretty. i could go on and on :shame: it just looks awesome! i am going to post some pics this weekend if you're interested!
  15. I totally agree with everything said here. I have the Suki in butterscotch and love it so much that I got it in black, too. It just arrived yesterday. I'm so excited! I LOVE this bag. It is the perfect size, and sooo cute. If they still have that 30% sale, get it!!!