Feeling sorry for myself

  1. Okay, I know. I chose to live in South Dakota where the wind blows across the frozen plains.

    But why, oh why, can't there be a Coach store here???:hysteric: I am soooo hooked
    on Coach but all I can do is :drool: over everyone else's purchases. Sure, I can
    buy online, eBay, or whatever. But it's not the same:crybaby:!!!! I want to touch
    the bags, prance around the store with the bags, take them home, admire them,
    and return what I don't want! Then go back tomorrow and do the same thing!!

    I know. I'm a big baby. But its just not fair!! And to top it off, my dh doesn't understand why I would want ANOTHER bag when I just bought 2 in Florida.:lecture:

    I'm done now. I feel better and I'm ready to continue admiring others purchases! :party:

    Thanks for listening. I know you gals will understand!:love:
  2. Owie! I feel your pain over here:sad: Im thinking I would find the next plane out of state lol....JK! I know like you said its not the same thing but atleast you still have online access, better than no Coach at all right?:wlae:As for the DH, alot of our guys feel that way:hysteric:
  3. Hi, from another gal from South Dakota!! I feel your pain! I got a fix yesterday when we went to Fargo! I got to go into Macy's and check out the holiday patchwork which is very pretty, IMO and I got to try on the large bleecker so that I could see how big my Magenta would be when it finally arrives! But wouldn't it be awesome to have access to a whole boutique!? I get to go a couple of times a year, once to Mall of America and then once when I visit my mom in Tenn. I make the most of it! At least we have TPF where we can learn all we can about the bags and we have online access. I'm trying to avoid eBay these days! It gets me into a lot of trouble! LOL! When I get blue though, I remember the advantages of living in South Dakota like my gorgeous horses and I feel better. I hope you feel better too knowing that we all understand! :flowers:
  4. AWWW!!!! Well hopefully they will open stores in ALL states, so even if you have to drive a little bit at least you could get to one!!!! :sad: I am so sorry, if I could share all my stores with you I would!!!
  5. Thank you all for your kind words... It's nice to know that I'm not alone!
    Tlloveshim, is there any Coach in Rapid City? Going out to the Hills for Thanksgiving thought maybe there would be something there?

    Again, thanks for your help and coming to my pity party. I'm feeling much better. In fact, maybe I'll buy something online today to celebrate!:graucho:

  6. Thank you! And then we could go shopping together!!!! :yes:
  7. It's not THAT far to Minnesota....lol, you should visit me at MOA! They should build a Coach boutique in Sioux Falls. They have one in Rochester, MN which has less people than Sioux Falls. Maybe we could write a letter??

  8. Just a 4 hour drive with three small children.:wtf: We could write a letter or start
    a petition! :sneaky: Or better yet, picket the Coach corporate headquarters. (Is that in China?:shrugs:)

    I went to TJ Maxx today to just check and see that MAYBE they would have something Coach. They did! IPOD shuffle holders! Who uses those anymore?:rolleyes:
  9. LOL Chele, Coach "headquarters" means a number of things, they have main offices in New York and the distribution center is in Jacksonville :smile:
  10. I feel your pain. There are Coach stores in Ohio, but the nearest ones are at least an hour away. Which may not seem that far to some people, but it's definitely not close enough to just POP in to see what's new. And my 2 wonderful little boys don't make it any easier LOL.