Feeling Sorry For Myself (Again)

  1. People don't seem to want to hire me.

    It took me forever to find my first job and I had it from October to December 23rd. (It was a holiday job).

    I went home for Christmas, came back to Toronto two days after New Year's Day.

    The day after that, I got a call from a store where I left my resume, asking if I was still looking for a job, and would I like to come in for an interview?

    I went to the interview, it seemed to go very well, they say they'll get back to me and I never hear from them.

    Then the department store I worked at during the holidays called, asking me if I'd like to come in for a group interview because they had some positions available. I went, I seemed to give some good answers. They said we'd hear from them if we were to be considered for any of the open positions. I never hear from them.

    A week later, someone in my building tells me the hair salon where he works was looking for someone to work at the desk taking phone calls and making coffee. I go to the interview, they love me but they tell me someone else is going to be interviewed. A week later, they have the decency to call, but they're going with the other person, because she wants a future in the salon business.

    I'm not starving, but I'm miserable and depressed. My parents help me out a little, but it's only enough for groceries. I'd like to have money for things other than groceries. I want to get excited about things other than whether or not I have enough money for a cup of tea at Starbucks.

    I cannot stop crying. I told my dad I don't want roses for Valentine's day, but if they stuck some money in a Valentine, I'd be so happy.

    I don't know how long it's going to keep being like this, and I'll go crazy if I have to deal with this a couple more months.

    I know that things happen for a reason, but I don't know what that is, and it's taking a hell of a long time to find out what it is!
  2. I am sorry. Are you still in school? Or trying to make a living? I agree it sucks ducks!!
  3. I am sorry you are going through this rough time. Everything will get better, though. Just keep getting yourself out there to interviews and all. A while back you mentioned that you are taking a medical terminology class, and I am sure that that looks great on a résumé, so try to go to interviews for the medical field. The perfect job is on the way, just ride it out until then. Good luck!
  4. Caitlin don't feel bad. A job should come for u soon when time permits.

    I've been jobless since a few weeks ago bc I also worked for a dept store but QUIT bc it was too much to deal with.

    I've been going to plenty of interviews but no luck yet.

    I really hate it when they say " We'll contact you in a week or two." Makes u sit around and wait. Waste of time. If they dont want u, why cant they just tell u right then and there? :mad:

    My dad use to financially support me but cut me off in Jan. But he came to visit me & I guess "felt sorry" for me and slipped me a few bills.

    I am starting school next month & hopefully by then will find a good part time job to help me thru school.

    So so sad. I feel ya girl.

    Wish u luck & keep ur head up!!!
  5. oh, i totally know how you're feeling. i got SO frustrated last time i couldn't find a job- ended up working at domino's making pizza! (very far from ideal...but it was a paycheck!)

    have you tried temp work?
  6. Hang in there! Remember that the retail biz is still slow - and will pick up as spring approaches... and when business picks up they'll be hiring for more positions again. I've got faith in ya!
  7. Aw, Caitlin, I know what you are going through is hard. But, hang in there!! Something will work out for you. It isn't always our timing, but it will!!
    :balloon: :balloon: Cheer up!!
  8. When done with an interview, send a thank you note to the person whom interviewed you.

    after a few days call back and see if the position was filled.

    try those!
  9. Caitlin -- so sorry to hear that you're having a rough time. The best advice I can give you is to go after the jobs you want! You mentioned that you had a few interviews and never heard from the people again. I know for a fact that the people who follow up and really express serious interest in jobs are the ones who get remembered. So give the ones a call that you haven't heard from, tell them you'd love to be considered, and see what they say! That squeaky wheel gets the grease! Go get 'em, girl! We're all rooting for you!
  10. adding to what's said above. if you know someone in the industry that can recommend you it would help tremendously. over and over i can't help but hear bosses/managers commenting on hiring someone i'd or a fellow worker would recommend versus taking the walk-in applicants.

    also, at times you may be the best for the job, or certainly more capable then the other pple working there but in this world, it's all about images and how pple percieve you. it's something i'm struggling with too because when i accomplish something i don't wave my hands and jump up and down and say

    :i did that!

    like other pple i know.

    but luckily my managers know (hopefully still) what a hard worker i am.

    but you must be percieved as a hard worker, desperate but not too desperate, and overall energetic.

    if you still don't get hired then it simply isn't the hiring season as mentioned. don't give up!

    if you have any questions feel free to PM me! i've been working in retail...getting to be too long -_________-
  11. hang in there, something will turn up.
  12. Don't worry Caitlin!!! I'm kinda in the same situation... :sad:
  13. Every job I have EVER had, was due to a personal connection...a friend, a relative, word-of-mouth about an open position. I've never gone into an interview "cold" where I had no connection to the hiring manager or the business, and actually gotten the job! I regularly receive mass emails from friends and acquaintances, who are hitting up everyone in their email address book for job leads....it's commonly done and nothing to be hesitant about. Ask everyone you know -- when you see them out socially, when you're at family gatherings...."I'm looking for work in so-and-so field. Know anyone?" Exhaust your network, girl! :smile:

    Everyone above me gave great advice, too. Post-interview follow-up is SO critical. From your past posts, it's clear that you're thoughtful and intelligent so that is not the problem. There's definitely an element of luck too. Keep that in mind and above all, don't let this stuff get to you! Job rejections personally can be overwhelmingly depressing, but try letting it roll off your back (rejection -- we've all been there), otherwise you'll get so down in the dumps you won't be able to wow 'em at your next interview.

    And also remember that life is in a constant state of change. Things will not be this way forever...in fact, the tides will probably turn soon. Soon, you'll look back on this and thing "man, those 2 months sucked. I'm so glad I'm past all that!"

    Hang in there! You're just going through a frustrating, TEMPORARY time!
  14. Caitlin I'm so sorry, I know how you feel. Is there any little job that you can get in the meantime, even if its something you might not think is so much fun? I took a second job at the university dining hall weekend mornings to help pay off bills.. is there a restaurant or anything similar that you can get a job at? When I waitressed, I made good money, despite the crappy customers. Just remember, once you're at bottom the only place you can go is up. :smile: Keep your head up!
  15. Have you tried the local hospitals or Doctors office's especially with your medical studies I would think that would help you out..