Feeling sick n miserable - hugs & TLC pls

  1. HEllo Gals,,,

    going into day 4 of being sick... i've just been lying in bed and occassionally turning on my pc to peak at what's going on on tpf... i've been having biazarre nightmares along with the fever though (like bumping into the ex-stringer-bf and screaming my head off at him..)

    After spending the whole day in bed, I woke up a few hours ago and i was so so hot, and my oldie mercury thermometer read 105F:wtf: i freaked out thinking my brains were being fried at that very moment and i'd possibly be a permanenetly brain damaged from a ridiculous high fever if i didn't do something about it.....

    I really didn't want to cos i don't have health insurance right now but dragged myself to the ER of the nearest hospital and somehow when they took my temp, it had come down significantly. :confused1:

    They ordered some blood tests. the blood count looked ok so i could go home. waiting for more results on monday to see if they need to change my antibiotics.

    i'm coughing lots, feverish, body aches, itchy sore throat (what can be worse when you can't scratch an itch?!?!) :sweatdrop:

    SO tired and miserable!! [​IMG] URGH just need some hugs and TLC. ok so i'm sick so maybe you don't really want to hug me but i'll try not to cough on you ok?:drool:

    i'm crawling back to bed now....
  2. I hope you feel better soon. Get lots of rest this weekend! :flowers:
  3. :woohoo:That's the closest smiley I could find that somewhat resembled a hug..LOL.

    I'm sorry your sick though! Being sick stucks.. I hate being stuck at the house! Get Better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i hope you feel better soon.
  5. Yikes, hope you feel better soon!! Drink lots of fluids.
  6. Yikes, bubbs, glad you went to the ER. Stay hydrated and take extra good care of yourself!
  7. Feel better soon!!!

    Drink lots of water and fruit juice :smile:
  8. Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon.
  9. I hope you'll feel well soon. And keep taking your temperature... Drink lots of water and take your meds on time. BIG HUGS* sending chicken soup for bubbles** :biggrin:
  10. Get well soon!
  11. im sending hugs over to you :smile:

    hope you feel a million times better real soon
  12. Awww, we've all had that awful sick feeling--time just slows to a crawl, doesn't it? Seems like you should be turning the corner towards improving soon. Here's a cyber (((hug))) for you, bubbles. I hope you're feeling well quickly!:flowers:
  13. Feel better soon!!! :flowers:
  14. get better girlie we need you here ! gazillions of hugs for you ! ( wish i could send u a handsome gp for a house visit too !:graucho: )

    OT - we really need to send a petition to Megs and Vlad and ask for a big sweet HUG smiley! we soo need it ! *hug smiley* !
  15. Get better :heart: