Feeling Sad.....

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm a little sad. I was so sure I was pregnant, I've had all the symptoms, but the test today come back neg. And on top of all that I just found out last night my sister in law is pregnant. I am happy for her but it does make me sad. I know this is going to sound childish but if I end up pregnant after her, she's the type that will say I copied her! She did that with my first pregnancy. :sad:
  2. Please let her know that when she says things like that, it's very unkind. This isn't a race or a fashion show. Maybe people say these things and don't realize that it can hurt.
    My tests came back neg. even when I was 3 months pregnant with DD. Sometimes you don't get accurate feedback even from the Dr.'s office.
    But still be strong. I'm sorry for the disappointment.
  3. How many dpo did you test on? Maybe too soon? Sometimes it takes a while for the HCG to build up.
  4. I have tested 4 times. 3 where from the dollar store and this last one was the first response. My last period was 9/9/10. So I'm officially one week late. Is that too soon to be testing? I've been having nausea, but that could be stress I guess.
  5. I hope u get a positive test result in a day or so but I was recently 7 days late and peed on everything but it was all neg. I've also heard the opposite happen too!

    As to SIL just say that u did completely intend to copy her just like the last time.

    Hopefully that might shut her down. Sorry she's such a pill.
  6. Everything will happen for you when the time is right. Your sister in law shouldn't be so childish. Just think when it does happen you will have your own big moment instead of sharing with your SIL. Goodluck ;)
  7. Maybe go get a blood test with your doctor since those are more accurate. Good luck and Fx for you!
  8. changainlove do you know for a fact when you ovulated and how long your LP tends to be. There is always a chance that you had a wacky cycle and you ovulated late making your cycle longer than normal so perhaps you are testing too early for the results to show up yet. I would wait until Monday and perhaps like Mpepe suggested and call your doctor.

    Try not to stess over your SIL. She sounds like the type that is not good at sharing and wants all attention on her all the time.

    Good luck with everything and hope you get the ++++ soon
  9. Thanks everyone! No I have not kept track of when I ovulate. Maybe I should. I do know that my periods are normally very irregular. thanks!
  10. your sister in law will say you copied her?
    what about all the other pregnant women in the world, are they copying her too?
    really, i'd just laugh at that. who cares.

    have a baby when you are ready, not to 'beat' your sister in law at it.
  11. ^^^ alliemia - that was awesome!!! lol I guess we're all trying to COPY each other!
  12. LOL I know. The first time she told me that I told her she is not the only woman that can get pregnant. It's not that I want to beat her to it, its just that a little part of me is thinking that I should probably put it off until after she has her baby. And then it makes me mad.
  13. I was going to say the same thing -- you may have ovulated late, especially if your cycles are irregular. Twice now when I've gotten pregnant, I ovulated really late, a week or more later than the typical day 14 ovulation. As a result I was forever off on where the doctors expected me to be in my cycle.

    And as for your SIL, definitely don't wait just because she'll say something. There are lots and lots of things you can say back to her; I'd probably go with, "[in a surprised tone] GADS no! Why would I copy you? [little pause] Ooops, sorry, didn't mean that like it sounded. [sweet smile]"
  14. Sure hope you get a + and who in the world cares what your sister in law says or thinks?
  15. Thanks everyone for your advice. A little update. I was pregnant. Had a miscarriage in late December. We didn't get to tell anyone. We are TTC again. So hopefully everything goes well!