Feeling regretful?

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  1. Since I purchased my lamb jumbo (first Chanel purchase) I've been thinking of all the reasons I shouldn't have gotten the bag.

    I've been dreaming of this bag for so long as it just seemed so perfect to me but now I have it I regret purchasing it. Most of the bags I bought in the past were LV and I thought this would be an excellent decision but I keep finding all the reasons why I shouldn't have bought it rather than enjoying the bag.

    Truthfully I usually just take money and earphones most of the time I'm out and it just seems a bit unnecessary to take such a large bag out when I have no use for it plus it feels like unnecessary responsibility for the bag- so far I've been scared to put it down at restaurants or fearful someone will walk into me.

    Now I'm thinking I would have been so much better off with a mini plus it would be a lower price point for more everyday use. However it took me nearly a month to finally use it so there's no chance of an exchange and I purchased it just after the price increase so I'm not sure which would be the best way to sell it to get as much back as I can. Also selling something with a high value is a little scary as I haven't had great selling experiences in the past.

    I don't know if I'm feeling regretful because I'm overthinking it all because before purchasing the bag I was convinced it was my dream bag, absolutely perfect in every way.

    Do I look into selling it or give it more of a chance? I had this feeling because I don't want to waste such a beautiful bag but also not enjoy her.
  2. If you aren't IN LOVE with the bag, sell it.
  3. I think you're worrying way too much. Try carrying it out more! It's not going to get totally ruined just like that. And if you still don't like it, sell it and buy a mini. And I wouldn't recommend lambskin since it sounds like that's a big issue for you.
  4. Could it be that you are still young and need to give this bag time? This is usually a bag that can stay with you for a lifetime. I would try to use it a bit carefully....sometimes we are afraid to use a new bag and so it sits untouched.

    What color did you get?

  5. The thing is I do love this bag, but I don't know if it's timing.

  6. I tried caviar and I really didn't like the look of it, if I was to get a mini I think I'd still get lambskin. A jumbo is a little easier to get knocked into since it's bigger but it's not just that even a caviar jumbo I think I'd still feel the same way with I think it could be more the size and style of the classic flap bags. Saying that I still do want to give it more of a chance.
  7. That's exactly the reason why I have been so hesitant to get a classic larger size because as much of a classic and beautiful bag that it is, I would never feel completely comfortable for fear of ruining it, it really takes away from the experience. God forbid you ended up scratching it, I know I would kick myself for it for a long time.

    You should see if the place you purchased it will let you exchange for a mini caviar depending on the condition it is in. If not fear not, although it might seem scary, there are very reputable companies like yoogies closet or fashionpile you can list your item. It's not ideal since they take 25-30% commission. Perhaps it will grow on you. Either case good luck.

  8. I have considered I purchased this too young and maybe it's not suitable for what I need it for yet. Maybe a few years down the line the size of the bag may suit me more but I don't know what to do for now I don't usually keep things I don't use. But this is something completely different, my dream bag since I can remember so I'm stuck.

  9. It's a 14 day exchange only as it was a Chanel boutique plus I've taken the bag out already so it wouldn't be right of me to return it and claim it unused.

    I've looked into companies like that but I'm from the uk and it seems my options are limited as many sites aren't available for me :/ I don't mind a loss on the bag, I guess it would just be a pricey lesson to learn.
  10. Did you actually use it ? If not you may be able to exchange it as someone else suggested. The jumbo is a great cross body bag too, maybe try wearing it that way. I would hold onto it and force yourself to use it, you may end up loving it. The bag is not that big! Small is also the trend, but larger bags will be back in style again.

  11. I've taken it out on two shopping trips that were a couple of hours each just to carry around money.

    Even if I hadn't used it would Chanel offer exchange after 14 days?

    If I can't find a way to get a good amount back on the bag I will end up keeping it for now and I'll try to use it and see how it goes I guess. At least in the future re sale value could be higher.
  12. I'd take it out a bit more before selling it. Just from a selling standpoint - if you were to sell the handbag after using it at least 10 more times or so, it'd probably still be in the same condition and selling price as right now. it's worth it to give yourself the chance to use it just a bit more to see if this is the right handbag for you.

  13. That's a good point, I'll give it a few more chances and see :smile:
  14. It sounds to me that you are just not used to carrying a Chanel bag vs LV

    Try to forget the £££ you spent on it

    It's a bag and you should enjoy carrying it tho I don't put my bags down on the floor at restaurants (not just Chanel)

  15. It does feel like a big step up = more worrying about the bag. Not so much the wear I was anticipating the lambskin not being perfect but more so worrying about other people may do too.