Feeling regret over Diorever purchase

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  1. I bought my first Dior bag a couple of weeks ago. It's a gorgeous Diorever in claret with pale pink accents and a dragonfly. The problem is that I don't have a lot to wear with it and I really need a basic black bag. I'm just starting to purchase higher end bags (Prada being my first purchase and I love my Prada bag). The Diorever is gorgeous but I keep wondering whether I should have gone for the larger black Diorever bag. It's too late to exchange it with the store. I don't want to regret this purchase, but I'm feeling a little out of love with it. I'm not sure what I should do...
  2. Can you post a picture?
  3. I think you got a unique one which you can not get after it's sold out. Is it the one pictured below? There is exquisite attention to detail in your bag. I personally prefer it much more so than the regular Diorever, because I am a sucker for that fully leather-inlaid lock.

    I personally think that the Claret colour is a beautiful neutral alternative to black. It will go perfectly with black outfits but adding a small but playful dose of colour. A black bag especially in this boxy shape tends to have a "work" or "office" feel to it, which is fine except it may make you feel like you're carrying your work bag on your day off. The version you have is a bit coy and coquettish with the dragonfly and baby pink accents. I absolutely adore it and would choose it over the black if I were a woman.
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  4. Sorry for the weird filter. Yes it's that one and thank you for your kind words. I guess I need to find some shoes for it.
  5. I agree. That colour really does go with everything. I used a similar colour bags and found I could wear it with almost everything. I have tended to buy the tan beige and black bags in the past because they "go with everything" but sometimes I think I would be happier with my bag collection of I just purchased what I loved!
  6. She is gorgeous, and so unique, too. I love it! Sometimes in a sea of black and brown bags every day, it's nice to see a play on a neutral colour (along with a beautiful couture embroidery) which makes the bag infinitely more interesting.
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  7. I think that bag is extraordinary. I hope you learn to enjoy it. It is a work of art and a beautiful color.
  8. +1. I 100% agree with everything averagejoe said and he just covered everything I have to say.

    Recently I had to tell my 54 yrs old antie who wears lots of dark outfits with blk chanel / LV bags. It is so bored seeing her in and out that I just had to tell her she might think of adding more colors to make her "lively". She then was so happy adding 2 more color bags in her collection.

    Your bag is very unique, if it was me, I would choose it over blk.
  9. I agree with everyone else. The bag is so pretty and looks less serious than the regular/classic Diorever and the colour would definitely replace a black. The dragonfly detail is also very pretty and I find that it softens the boxy shape of the Diorever like averagejoe mentioned. I hope you love it and enjoy it. It's so unique compared to the regular Diorever specially in black which I agree with averagejoe has an office feel to it. I think your Diorever is so unique and very pretty. I hope you wear it more often.
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  10. I love the dragonfly accent. So unique! Hope you keep your lovely bag.
  11. Love your bag. It's perfect for summer/office styles. I agree with Averagejoe also. Black and brown can be so boring.
    I hope you enjoy this one. Its a beaut!
  12. Absolutely LOVE your bag!! I had some similar feelings over my purchase of my silver metallic Diorever. I am so glad I bought it instead of a basic color. I get tons of compliments as I'm sure you do. Congrats & enjoy!
  13. Love it. Hope you keep this beauty!!!
  14. This bag is really beautiful! And also, do you wear much black at all? This bag will be wonderful with the quintessential little black dress and also navy clothes (which do not go well with black bags).
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  15. OMG! That bag is TDF! And I think you can wear it with so much: black, white, gray, tan, cream, blue, green, pink.

    And it can go dressy or be a great accent for jeans and a top.

    You could get shoes to match but you don't have to. If you are wearing jeans and a white top you could wear black, silver or navy shoes for example. You could wear dark gray shoes, a medium tones grey dress and carry this bag.

    It's a keeper. Don't regret it. Have fun and play with it! Congrats on acquiring!!