feeling really awful: stopped taking progestegon only pill

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  1. hi ladies

    Can somebody give me some advice?

    I stopped taking my pill last week and I feel absolutely terrible. I am having really bad mood swings, pains in my tummy and am so emotional am crying at anything at all. Thi is so unlike me

    I have all the symptoms of about to start a period but nothing is happening.

    My DH is wondering what happened to his wife I think, i had a big argument with him this afternoon over nothing

    Is this normal? i just feel like I am going crazy :crybaby:
  2. Pink Princess,
    When I stopped taking the pill I got a little crazy too. Give it two or three weeks and things should even out a lot! Then just wait for how um, excited you will be when you ovulate. OMG....the pill really affected my sex drive. TMI I know!!! LOL...

  3. thanks for your advice. I will just wait out the next couple of weeks: hopefully all will be ok. I suspect the pill has affected my sex drive as well!!!