feeling quite upset....

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  1. i recently did a trade with someone and when she received my bag, she said it wasnt as advertised. this is nothing against her, but i thoroughly inspected that bag and it was as i said, but she said there was blackness on the bottom and sides. do you guys think that something mightve happened in the mail? has this ever happened to you guys?

    soooooo frusrated :cursing:
  2. Maybe the way one person looks at something is different than the other person's view? HAHAH hopefully that made sense. Like my mom...she thinks her bags are OK...but when I get them when she wants me to clean it I think OMFG it's so dirty!

    IDK..nothing has ever happened through the mail....what did you send it in?
  3. i put it in a plastic bag and then in the priority mail box.

    yeah i was thinking maybe she was more particular than me, i bought a CR bv for retail and it was really "used" but im not too picky as long as its not something totally dramatic

    i just dont want her to think im a bad person who "falsely" advertises my bags, its just i bought from people who described their bags in a certain condition and that was what condition the bag i sold her was in.

    if only we could all understand eachother....hahahaha
  4. aww =[ all i remember you said about your gioco was that the leather on the front had some creases.. you should ask her if the black spots are tough to get out..

    lol i'd never used that bv once i got it from bubblesung.. soo all of the use can be attributed to her :p i bought it for 150 and i think i sold it to you for like 160 to make up for the shipping.. now i wish i'd kept it because i ended up selling the campeggios & the gioco i got afterwards.

    sometimes i worry about the condition of my bags too but i never get them irreversibly dirty.. any signs of usage are most likely from before i got it. :smile:
  5. so sorry to hear about your transaction. hope things end up working out for both of you.
  6. That is the one pitfall to selling used bags...everyone has a different idea of what is/isn't a big deal in terms of a used bag. I'm not that picky about a few dirt marks either. In fact, that usually makes me use it more because I don't worry so much about that first smudge that inevitably happens. Well, good luck...I hope it works out ok for you.
  7. did you take pictures of the bag and did she take pictures of the bag? In the future that helps remove any misinterpretations of the bag's condition.